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May 19, 2022

USR PLUS elects leadership, returns to name of USR and old logo, according to Congress decision

The Save Romania Union – Freedom, Unity, and Solidarity Party Alliance (USR PLUS) returns to the name of USR, but also to the old logo on an exclusively blue background, according to a decision adopted in the Sunday meeting of the party’s Congress, held online.

The information was confirmed for AGERPRES by USR deputy Emanuel Ungureanu.

A number of 1,200 delegates from all over the country voted on Saturday, in the Congress for the composition of the new National Bureau.

On Sunday, on the second day of the Congress, during an online meeting, the results of the elections for the National Bureau, for the National Arbitration Committee, for the National Audit Committee were presented and the new chairman, Dacian Ciolos, was validated.

There are also debates on the party’s statute and amendments are being made.


USR PLUS leader Ciolos informs he is stepping down as president of Renew Europe


USR PLUS Chairman-elect Dacian Ciolos says that on Monday he will go to Strasbourg and will discuss with the members of Renew Europe about the election of a new leader of the group in the European Parliament.

“I have announced this since the campaign. I have already informed my colleagues in the Renew group that I am stepping down from the position of the group’s president. Tomorrow I will go to Strasbourg to have a direct discussion with them, with the leadership of the group, to organize elections there as well for the position of president of the group and I will be here – this is the bet I made with myself and this is the promise I made to those who voted for me,” Ciolos told a press conference held on Sunday, at the party headquarters.

He mentioned that he wants USR PLUS to become the main right-wing party on the political spectrum, following the 2024 elections.

“The goal is to be prepared for 2024, to become the main right-wing party. That means we need to grow the party, strengthen it in terms of public voice and membership. That means strengthening the branches, setting up new branches, bringing in new members, organizing ourselves in such a way that our elected representatives, at local level – local councilors, county councilors, mayors – receive support from the party, because they are the voice of USR PLUS at local level. And, obviously, we will see in the next period – the next days, weeks – if we re-enter the government or in opposition and, depending on that, we will see how we organize our public presence at national level,” said Dacian Ciolos.


Dan Barna, content Drula and Voiculescu, at top of list:  USR PLUS has grown leaders


Dan Barna, vice-chair of USR PLUS, welcomed the fact that, following the congress, Catalin Drula and Vlad Voiculescu gathered the most votes for the National Bureau, adding that he is proud of the fact that leaders have risen within the party “who will be the generation of policy makers” in the next period.

It is very good that Catalin Drula and Vlad Voiculescu are at the top of the list. They are the most liked and the most supported in the party, at the moment, because it is one of the things from the mandate I have ended, on which I pride myself very much: the fact that in USR PLUS leaders have risen who will be the generation of Romanian political decision-makers in the next period. And we are not talking about ten years, we are talking about people – former colleagues, ministers in Parliament – are people who have grown in this organization and this is the most important thing, because we said that USR PLUS will bring valuable people in politics, competent people. Here they show up, they have grown in this period,” Barna told a press conference at the USR PLUS headquarters.

He mentioned that, following the congress, USR PLUS is “well” and that it is a party that will “count a lot” on the Romanian political scene.

“I want to say one thing for the former Liberal coalition colleagues and for the other parties. The USR PLUS Congress is over. Today we have the decisions on the statute and we will end this congress. We are well, we are really well and we are a party that will matter a lot in everything that will happen in Romania in the future, no matter how much they try to diminish this thing,” specified Barna.

Catalin Drula, Vlad Voiculescu, Dan Barna, Ionut Mosteanu, Anca Dragu, Allen Coliban and Claudiu Nasui are the new vice-chairs of USR PLUS, following the internal elections to establish the composition of the National Bureau.


Compiled from Agerpres


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