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August 18, 2022

EduMin Cimpeanu: There will be 70 M tests based on saliva for the screening of SARS-CoV-2 infections in schools

The Minister of Education, Sorin Cimpeanu, stated on Monday that, in a few days, the National Agency for Medicines will establish the type of non-invasive tests that will be used to screen for SARS-CoV-2 infections in schools, with about 70 million tests to be distributed to schools for this purpose.

“It is a very important acquisition, because there are 11 weeks left from the 14 weeks of school in the first semester, which will end at the end of the calendar year, (…) 3.2 million beneficiaries. Given that the screening process requires the possibility of testing all, it means that we have about 3.2 million beneficiaries in the education system to consider, who, multiplied by two, means 6.4 million non-invasive tests required weekly and, if we talk of 11 weeks, there are 70 million non-invasive tests based on saliva that we need,” Cimpeanu told a press conference.

The Minister specified that the National Medicines Authority is to establish the type of test and the minimum criteria it has to meet.

“They will not be approved. They will be authorized based on the identification of these minimum criteria and the very important regulations. I am convinced that we are talking of days,” said Sorin Cîmpeanu.

He added that tests are being performed in schools, where there are medical offices, the Ministry of Health supplementing, at the end of last week, with 280,000 the number of antigen tests available to schools.


Ministry of Education is working to estimate the required number of non-invasive tests in schools


The Ministry of Education is working on Monday to estimate the required number of non-invasive, saliva-based tests to detect SARS-CoV-2 infection to be administered to preschoolers, pupils, teachers and non-teaching staff and kindergartens, Minister Sorin Cimpeanu announced in a press conference.

He said that both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health had asked the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices to draw up on Monday the regulatory requirements and the minimum performance requirements to be transmitted to the National Office for Central Procurement.

The Minister stated that the intensification of control actions in schools is also being considered in order to verify the observance of the sanitary rules.

“Both the joint ministerial order which provides for the intensification of control actions in schools in order to verify the sanitary safety conditions on the part of the two ministries involved in the joint order – the Ministry of Health, through DSP, and the Ministry of Education, through the County School Inspectorates, and the Interior Ministry, following today’s discussions, it was decided to intensify these control actions in order to verify the observance of the sanitary rules in the schools,” Cimpeanu explained, according to Agerpres.


PM Citu calls for speedy approval of saliva COVID-19 tests


Prime Minister Florin Citu, the national chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), on Monday called on Romania’s National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices (ANMDM) to hurry up and approve saliva-based COVID-19 tests.

“I think the procedures have started. At the same time, ANMDM [National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices] has to hurry up and approve to allow the tests. In the end we buy them, but I still see that things are delayed there; I am asking ANMDM to stop the delays, cut the nonsense and come up faster with a decision,” Citu said at the end of a convention of the PNL Executive Bureau when asked about the latest developments in the acquisition of the saliva tests necessary for testing students.


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