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August 15, 2022

Citu Cabinet, at the hour of truth: Motion of no-confidence filed by PSD is debated and voted in Parliament

PM Citu:   PNL MPs will attend debate in Parliament of the censure motion, but will not vote



The members of parliament belonging to the National Liberal Party (PNL) will attend the debate in Parliament of the censure motion, but will not vote, announced, on Monday, Prime Minister Florin Citu, chairman of the PNL.

“The PNL MPs will attend tomorrow’s motion, but won’t vote,” said Citu, at the end of the meeting of the PNL’s Executive Bureau.


Orban: I do not think that there will be PNL parliamentarians who will vote censure motion


Former PNL (National Liberal Party) chairman Ludovic Orban said on Monday that he did not believe there would be liberal MPs to vote on the censure motion initiated by PSD.

“I do not think that there will be PNL parliamentarians who will vote for the motion. (…) The political crisis is caused by the untimely, unannounced decisions, without consulting the party, taken by Florin Citu and, if he fails, he will fail because of him and because of the serious political mistakes he made as prime minister,” Orban said at the Palace of Parliament.

According to Orban, the PNL Executive Bureau “threatened” with measures in the case of such parliamentarians.


Chamber Speaker: It would take “a lot of nerve” proposing Florin Citu for PM again, if censure motion passes


The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Ludovic Orban, stated on Monday that he does not think that it is possible, in case the motion of censure initiated by PSD (Social Democratic Party) passes Parliament, for president Iohannis to nominate Florin Citu against as prime minister, as such nomination would take “a lot of nerve,” while the correct way would be to convene the National Council of the party.

“According to the party’s statute, the nomination of the prime ministerial candidate is made by the party’s National Council. The president nominates the candidate who is proposed by the party that aims to form a parliamentary majority,” Ludovic Orban said.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies reiterated that the current political crisis is caused by the decisions of prime minister Florin Citu, while he and his supporters have no contribution.


URS’s Dragu: We will certainly vote on the motion; all our lawmakers will be in the chamber


Senate Chair Anca Dragu of the Save Romania Union (USR), minor at rule, said on Monday that all USR lawmakers will be in the chamber on Tuesday to vote on a motion of censure initiated by the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD), adding that the party did not make a decision yet whether the vote will be open or not.

“We will certainly vote for this motion, because we believe that we can no longer continue with this government (…). Yes, everyone will come to the chamber, there are no signs that some colleagues would not come. I think every party thinks that maybe there are some who can’t come for medical reasons, but yes, all our lawmakers will be in the chamber. We have not decided yet [whether or not the vote will be open], but there is no reason for me to doubt all my colleagues will vote on the motion as we have discussed and stated publicly,” Dragu said at the end of a meeting of the Senate’s Standing Bureau.

She added that “probably” the motion will succeed, the government will be dismissed and consultations with President Klaus Iohannis will come later.


Opposition leader Simion says PNL tries to bribe MPs to skip censure motion vote session


National leader of the opposition Alliance for the Unity of Romanians (AUR) George Simion said on Monday that lawmakers of the National Liberal Party (PNL), major at rule, have tried to “bribe” AUR lawmakers to skip the vote session for a motion of censure against the Citu government by promising them public offices; he added that AUR will file a corruption complaint with the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA).

Simion said that he has audio and video evidence proving his words.

“People from PNL have tried to buy us apiece; they tried to bribe us and we went to DNA. The first thing we have to do is to notify the relevant agencies, and I want to reveal to the Romanians the whole scheme by which Florin Citu has made his MPs offer us a bribe: public offices for relatives. They practically tried to buy us so that the AUR lawmakers would skip the vote on the motion. All the AUR lawmakers will be there to vote for the motion. We are not for sale, we do not betray; not only that, but we do not make allegations either,” Simion said at the Parliament House.

He added that he would make all the details public, insisting that they were not “populist allegations.”


Compiled from Agerpres

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