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August 18, 2022

Parliament convenes in plenary meeting to debate and vote on no-confidence motion: PSD demands urgent departure of Citu Cabinet for Romania to emerge from continuous crisis

The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies convened on Tuesday in a joint plenary sitting to debate and vote on the no-confidence motion initiated by the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

Chairman of the meeting, Chamber of Deputies Speaker Ludovic Orban, announced that 379 lawmakers out of a total of 465 have registered their presence.

Prime Minister Florin Citu and the members of the government are also attending.

Before the start of the meeting, the Social Democrat MPs placed in front of the sitting hall a model of Superman upside down, in a reference to the video posted by Prime Minister Citu on a social network presenting him as the DC superhero.

In their turn, the Liberals brought two large banners reading “USR plus AUR equals PSD”.

The vote on the no-confidence motion is secret, with balls.

The motion needs 234 votes to be adopted.

Through the motion titled “Stop poverty, price increases and the legally embattled. Down with the Citu Government!,” the Social Democrats demand the urgent dismissal of the Florin Citu Cabinet for Romania to get out “of a never ending political, economic and social crisis”.


PSD demands urgent departure of Citu Cabinet for Romania to emerge from continuous crisis


The no confidence motion initiated by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) was presented on Tuesday in the joint plenary session of Parliament by the Social-Democrat senator Lucian Romascanu.

PSD demands, through the no confidence motion titled “Stop poverty, price increases and criminals. Down with the Citu Government!” the urgent departure of the Florin Citu Cabinet from the country’s leadership for Romania to emerge “from a continuous political, economic and social crisis”.

“While the lives of Romanians were becoming increasingly burdened by shortages, the PNL – USR PLUS – UDMR government had only one priority: the fight for power! Desperate to seize all state resources for their party companies, they completely abandoned Romania and the Romanians. In these conditions, the only solution for Romania to emerge from a continuous political, economic and social crisis is for the Citu Government to leave the country’s leadership urgently,” reads the text of the motion.

The Social Democrats claim that “the government of the losers has impoverished Romania”.

“Every Romanian is 560 euros poorer according to the measures that destroyed the purchasing power. In the midst of a price explosion, in the conditions of a galloping increase of inflation, the Government has found no other solution than freezing pensions, allowances and salaries,” the cited source mentions.

PSD also claims that “the right-wing has imposed on the Romanians a debt that pawns their future” and “the absorption of European funds is down to earth”.

“The PNL – USR PLUS – UDMR government has missed all the targets assumed in Health! Romanians feel the hard way the disaster caused by the aberrant decisions and the power struggle in Health. The PNL – USR PLUS – UDMR Government hasn’t practically fought against the pandemic, but thwarted the combating and treatment of chronic diseases. The organization of the PNL Congress with 5,000 participants, when the Capital had entered the red scenario, and new restrictions were imposed on the people, is the expression of the total irresponsibility in full fourth wave of the pandemic. Because of this attitude, the vaccination campaign was compromised. Testing has been completely abandoned,” PSD also states in the motion.

After the presentation of the no confidence motion, there will be debates and the secret ballot.


Ciolacu: For all the lying, stealing, turning country to shambles, Citu Gov’t must go home today


Addressing today the Parliament’s joint plenary during the debate of the no-confidence motion against the Citu Government, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu accused the government of lying, stealing and destroying Romania, which is why it will be now sent home.

“Today we are doing justice! The Citu Government will go home! I hope you agree, Mr. Barna! At the previous motion you were seated next to Mr. Citu. Your eye glasses fell off. I hope your voting balls don’t fall off too today! You, Mr. Prime Minister, must go home today, because you haven’t even started to govern. For nine months you have done nothing but make the furs fly over the position of PNL leader, and today you are the leader of a political carcass. PNL has started to reek like the defunct PNTCD. But that’s your problem! Our, and the Romanians’ problem is that you have turned the country to shambles in your absurd fight for the meaty bits,” Ciolacu said, noting that the so called “winning team is actually the killer team”.

“You played golf with the lives of Romanians! Under the patronage of Iohannis and the PNL, Romanians are dying charred in hospitals! After seven years in office, the head of the state, Klaus Iohannis, nonchalantly tells us that the state has failed! That’s right! Under ‘My Government’ Romanians are dying burnt in hospitals! Not once, not twice, but 12 times in a row. 12 tragedies and dozens of people who died innocent because of your incompetence,” was Ciolacu’s slamming tirade.

The Social Democrat leader added that “people don’t need imaginary superheroes, but decent salaries and pensions.”

“People need heat and hot water! People need decent hospitals and schools! People need respect and a responsible government. People have had enough of you. This government has lied, stolen and destroyed Romania. This government has borrowed billions of euros, but the Romanians continue to suffer from hunger and cold. Mr. Citu’s playing God with the lives and health of the Romanians must stop today. (…) We must send home this irrational and reckless government. We must save Romania from a government that has become a danger to its citizens. This government must leave today. The PSD motion will pass by a historic score. Florin, you Superman, you have fallen on your head! Fly home,” concluded the PSD leader.


 Solution to be a technocratic government until early elections


The chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu, reiterated on Monday evening, at private broadcaster Romania TV, that his party will not support a minority government, believing the solution to be a technocratic government until early elections.

He added that, in his opinion, early elections are the solution at this time and, until those occur, a technocratic government should be seated.

“At this time, the head of state, President Iohannis, must intervene and realize, admit the stupid things done, realize that we have an immense vulnerability, as a state, in regards to sovereignty and to everything. This government cannot continue. It must fall tomorrow,” Marcel Ciolacu said.

Asked if he was sought by President Iohannis, Ciolacu denied it.

“No. We haven’t heard each other in a long time. I assume he’ll invite us to consultations,” the PSD leader said.

He mentioned that the meeting of the National Standing Bureau of the PSD saw discussions on whether or not to attend the consultations at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace. Given that opinions were divided, a decision will be made after the vote on the censure motion, Ciolacu said.

According to him, the measures that the government installed after the motion should implement are: capping the price for energy, compensating bills paid by SMEs and consumers at the level of December 2020, subsidizing the price of thermal energy for consumers in the centralized system at the level of December 2020, applying the law of the vulnerable consumer, raising allowances for children, raising the minimum wage, raising pensions, managing the pandemic, and in regards to the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PNRR) – adoption of the implementation system and allotment of funds at the local level.


PM Citu: Morality has died today, PSD censure motion is backed, voted by USR, so-called reformists


Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Tuesday, in the joint plenary sitting of Parliament, that the Romanians were betrayed by the Save Romania Union (USR) which allied itself with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the “extremists” (AUR, Alliance for the Union of Romanians, ed.n.) and chose to support and vote on the censure motion of the Social-Democrats and to bring down the government which he belongs to.

“Today morality died. The motion of the PSD, your greatest enemy and ours, is supported and voted by the USR. The so-called reformists have allied themselves with the PSD and the extremists. Dear Romanians, you have been betrayed! USR, the party you voted to do good, wants to take down the government to which it belongs, the government they have reached because of your trust. Can the leaders of this party be more despicable than that?! They became brothers with PSD and with neo-fascist extremists to remove the only man who put them to work and who prevented them from playing with the Romanians’ lives. I showed them very clearly – with me prime minister, the government is not a game of spoiled children,” Florin Citu said at the debate on the no confidence vote initiated by PSD.

He voiced his disappointment, adding that the USR is playing “a shell game” with the government.

“After plotting to take down the government, it wants to return to government, but with a more indulgent boss, someone imposed by them, who will close his eyes, when instead of the right path they choose the left,” he said.


I’ve tolerated a team of incompetents at rule, won’t allow that anymore


Prime Minister Florin Citu also said on Tuesday, during the debates in the joint plenary sitting of Parliament, that a vote of Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity alliance (USR PLUS) for the motion of censure equates to a recognition of the incompetence of the ministers of this party.

“By today’s vote, USR admits that it had incompetent ministers in the areas it managed. It’s good to admit our mistakes, but not to repeat them. These people who have admitted themselves that they are incompetent have nothing to look for in government. This is USR, dear Romanians, an irresponsible and immature party, which has not made any of the promised reforms. The conclusion is only one: I was too lenient, not intransigent, with the incompetence and amateurism of these ministers. I should’ve sacked them all much earlier, and maybe today we would have had a health system prepared for wave four. We would have had a better absorption of EU funds, we would have had a few kilometres of motorways done. I tolerated a bunch of incompetents in government more than was the case, out of respect for you, dear Romanians, because you voted for them to make reforms. Eventually, they realized they couldn’t and left on their own. I’m not going to allow that anymore. Today USR is transparent to Romanians. It sits next to the PSD [Social Democratic Party, ed. n.], where it belongs,” he said.

The prime minister reproached USR PLUS for being a “bipolar” party, because its representatives have announced that they want to continue to be part of the government, but they are voting against the Executive in which they have their “portfolios kept”.

According to Florin Citu, “the key to solving the political crisis” is at USR, which could have come up with nominations for the portfolios in the government.

“Let us be crystal clear: the responsibility for everything that follows: interest rates, exchange rate, prices, pandemic, is USR’s. The PSD is understandable. It is an irresponsible opposition party. But the USR is voting on a censure motion that says its own ministers are incompetent,” he said.

Florin Citu brought to mind a series of passages from the no-confidence motion criticizing the way in which the portfolios of Transport, European Funds, Health and Economy were managed.

“Incompetence at Transports? USR says, ‘Yes.’ I can see that [former Transports minister, ed. n.] Drula also says ‘Yes’. What was that like with ‘political zombies’? Today you vote side by side with the PSD for a text that says that you are incompetent and still want to be part of the next government, after you admitted yourself that you did not manage and that you were incompetent?! Not going to happen! (in English),” Citu said.


Barna: Dacian Ciolos,  the USR’s proposal   for the position of Prime Minister, if the censure motion passes


The deputy chair of the Save Romania Union (USR), Dan Barna, stated, on Tuesday, at the Parliament Palace, that Dacian Ciolos is the proposal of the party for the position of Prime Minister, if the censure motion passes, and the National Liberal Party (PNL) makes no nomination.

“It’s a clear decision, the Prime Minister proposal is Dacian Ciolos, but this proposal, obviously, will be discussed at Cotroceni [Presidential Palace], the moment we see there is a desire to reconstruct this PNL – USR – UDMR [Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania] (…) In the structure of the coalition, as it was signed in December, when it was formed, the Prime Minister proposal, obviously, belongs to PNL and we expect them to come with a different proposal than Florin Citu. However, if a coalition can be built around a Prime Minister, we have a firm, clear, constant proposal – my colleague, Dacian Ciolos,” he showed, during a press conference.

In regards to the fact that the text of the motion contains criticism towards USR ministers, Barna said that it’s an “acid, aggressive and always escalating rhetoric” that Prime Minister Florin Citu has used in the past two months.

“There is no assumption of criticism. It’s a very simple message. The Prime Minister needs to go. This Prime Minister doesn’t have the competence and the quality, nor human, nor professional, to lead a government of Romania,” he said.

According to Barna, the censure motion is necessary, “so that Romania re-enters a logic of a government that governs for the citizens and not for the interest of Mr. Florin Citu.” He recalled that USR is willing to have negotiations with PNL and UDMR if the motion is adopted and there is the perspective of another Prime Minister.


True to our word, USR here to vote for no-confidence motion


Deputy of the Save Romania Union (USR) Dan Barna reiterated today that the formation’s lawmakers will vote for the no-confidence motion, as they promised when Prime Minister Florin Citu decided to “blow up the ruling coalition and the stability of the country.”

“You were mandated to set this country on the right track. That Wednesday – I am sure you remember, Mr. Prime Minister – when you decided to blow up the country’s stability, when you decided to blow up the ruling coalition, I told you that this is where we’ll get. (…) We stay true to our word – we are here and we will vote for this no-confidence motion,” Barna told the joint Parliament sitting during the debate on the no-confidence motion initiated by the Social Democratic Party.


AUR’s Simion: We won’t waste a second on Florin Citu, who is history starting today


Deputy George Simion, co-chair of the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR), stated, on Tuesday, from the rostrum of the Joint Chambers of Parliament, that his party cannot allot a single second for Florin Citu, “this destructive Prime Minister, who is history starting today.”

“It’s late now that Mr. Orban called us to the microphone, because we have no more to say, we can’t allot a single second on this destructive Prime Minister, who is history starting today, so we won’t waste a single second on Florin Citu,” said Simion, at the debate of the censure motion initiated by the PSD.


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