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August 18, 2022

Nuclearelectrica has delivered more than 200 million MWh to Romania’s national energy grid in 25 years in business

Nuclearelectrica, the operator of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant, has delivered more than 200 million MWh to Romania’s national energy grid in 25 years in business, according to a company press statement released on Thursday.

Nuclearelectrica SA (SNN) on Thursday welcomed the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, on the 25th anniversary of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant’s Unit 1.

Twenty-five years after the commissioning of the first nuclear unit, Nuclearelectrica covers approximately 20% of the consumption demand and 33% of the clean energy nationwide. In 25 years, Nuclearelectrica delivered more than 200 million MWh to the national grid at a capacity factor of over 90%, avoiding the emission of more than 170 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Unit 1 has delivered 127 million MWh since its commissioning so far, which represents 9% of national consumption in 25 years. At the same time, since its commissioning, the unit has avoided the emission of 125 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of the emissions produced by all cars in Romania for over 6 years.

“Nuclear power currently provides 11,000 jobs in Romania, has an aggregate annual turnover of approximately 600 million euros and a contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 5.7 billion euros. It is a clean, resilient and accessible source of energy. For those 25 years of operation with a lot of professionalism, I want to thank my colleagues for every day of work, dedication, involvement!” said Cosmin Ghita, Nuclearelectrica CEO (photo).

Part of decarbonisation and energy transition measures, the new nuclear resources, both large of a CANDU type and small modular reactors, will act as an engine for economic recovery, job creation, retention of expertise and advantageous use of the expertise acquired in the 25 years of operation, while outlining Romania’s position at regional level.

In his turn, Energy Minister Virgil Popescu showed that Romania needs the new nuclear resources, all the more so as the country supports the environmental objectives of the European Union aimed at reaching the goal of zero carbon emissions by 2050, a target taken up by the EU member states, Romania including.

“Energy stability and decarbonisation without nuclear energy is not possible. That is why Romania will build new nuclear resources at Cernavoda with its American, Canadian and French partners and, at the same time, pay great attention to SMR [small modular reactor] technology. Nuclearelectrica is already involved in this project of 1.2 million non-reimbursable US dollars for the analysis and identification of potential location other than the Cernavoda area, and we look forward to the results for the establishment of the next steps “, the minister added, according to Agerpres.


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Photo: Facebook/Nuclearlectrica Oficial

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