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August 8, 2022

PSD’s Stanescu: President Klaus Iohannis is obliged to contribute to triggering early elections

Social Democratic Party (PSD)  Secretary General Paul Stanescu says early elections can be held, noting that President Klaus Iohannis is obliged to contribute to triggering them, otherwise he will become “with proper documents the Romanian gravedigger.”

“President Iohannis hypocritically claims that early elections are impossible to organize. That the Constitution does not allow it. But in January 2020 he and his traveling companion, Orban, wanted early elections along with the local ones. The reason? They did not have a parliamentary majority. They gave up because the pandemic had started and they had to pretend to manage the crisis, because in reality they only managed their political and financial interests. Hospitals are now suffocated by liberal irresponsibility, and people are dying. They are, at the moment, again without a parliamentary majority, but, as you can see, early elections are no longer to Iohannis’ liking, because the PNL is no longer in the graces of the electorate,” Stanescu transmitted on Friday, in a press release to Agerpres.

According to the general secretary of PSD, early elections can be triggered, if there is political will.

President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that it is in fact almost impossible to hold early elections. In his opinion, the fact that “a party is still marching” with this type of election seems to him “a form of avoidance rather than something else”.


PSD asking Parliament’s  Standing Bureaus to convene to tackle legislative solutions to limited access of chronic patients to inpatient treatment


The opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) has submitted a request to Parliament’s leadership to urgently convene a joint session of the standing bureaus to find legislative solutions to limited access of chronic patients to inpatient treatment following an order issued by senior emergency management official Raed Arafat.

“The PSD floor group in the Chamber of Deputies is requesting the standing bureaus of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate to be called in session in order to identify the optimal procedural framework for debating the current state of play together with officials of patients’ organisations, the National Council for Patient Safety, and the College of Romanian Doctors, as well as with the chairs of the specialist committee in the Senate, Adrian Streinu-Cercel, and of the Chamber of Deputies, Nelu Tataru, along with Cseke Attila, the interim health minister, and Raed Arafat, head of the Emergency Management Department (DSU), for its unblocking through solutions at A legislative level,” reads the request filed with the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies by PSD floor leader Alfred Simonis.

PSD says that the request is made “considering Order no. 9490 of October 4, 2021, establishing measures at the level of public health facilities with beds to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, issued by the Action Commander, head of the Emergency Management Department, Raed Arafat, and endorsed by interim Health Minister Cseke Attila, that restricts access of patients with chronic diseases to hospital medical services.”

PSD argues that these provisions of the order “violate Article 34 (1) in the Romanian Constitution, which states that the right to health care is guaranteed.”

“In 2020, similar measures initiated by the government led to a doubling of the number of deaths during their applicability, according to a press release of February 10, 2021 of the National Institute of Statistics,” the PSD’s request reads.

At the same time, PSD says Parliament’s leadership needs to consider this subject because “currently, following the government losing parliamentary confidence under a motion of censure, the governing act is limited.”

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