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November 29, 2022

President Iohannis called consultations with parliamentary parties at Cotroceni Palace with a view to forming a new Government: How the parties positioned themselves

PNL delegation was received first

President Klaus Iohannis at the Cotroceni Palace on Monday started the consultations with the parliamentary parties and formations in order to nominate the candidate for the position of prime minister, the National Liberal Party (PNL) delegation having been invited first.

The Liberals were represented by the party chairman, Florin Citu, and first deputy chairs Rares Bogdan, Gheorghe Flutur, Lucian Bode and Iulian Dumitrescu.

The head of state was joined by presidential advisers Mihaela Ciochina and Daniela Barsan.

Last week, the Liberals said they would not nominate a prime minister, given that they did not have a majority at that moment. The PNL changed its position this way, after previously announcing that the nomination for the position of prime minister would be Florin Citu.

After consultations with PNL, the head of state scheduled talks  with PSD, USR, AUR, UDMR and the national minorities represented in Parliament.


Ciolacu: PSD, back to power if mounting majority


The Social Democratic Party (PSD) could return to power if it mounted a parliamentary majority, party chairman Marcel Ciolacu said on Monday.

Asked at the party’s headquarters if it is out of the question for PSD to return to power, Ciolacu replied: “If we mount a majority, we will return to power.”

However, he ruled out the possibility of PSD supporting a National Liberal Party (PNL) minority government.

According to social-democrat sources, the party leaders decided on Monday that PSD should go to the consultations with President Iohannis with a proposal of early elections.


President Iohannis talks with the PSD delegation: We are going to Cotroceni out of respect for the presidential institution


The second delegation received by the head of state during consultations with parliamentary parties and formations in order to nominate the candidate for the position of prime minister, was the PSD delegation.

The PSD delegation consisted of the party’s chairman, Marcel Ciolacu, the general secretary, Paul Stanescu, and three representatives of the local administration.

“I would like to announce that we are going to Cotroceni out of respect for the presidential institution, being the most important institution of the Romanian state, not out of respect for those who created this political crisis. I will go accompanied by the general secretary of the party, Paul Stanescu, but also by three young people from local administrations, for the president to see that they are not frustrated that they are from PSD. They are frustrated with why Romanians suffer in their administrations and there will be big problems in the coming period with the schools and hospitals they have under their subordination. We are also going with the PSD plan to fight the health crisis of eight months ago, which is topical also now. And we will go also with the 10 short-term proposals that PSD has, so that the Romanian capital and the population overcome these months, this winter,” Ciolacu said at the PSD headquarters.


USR to propose Dacian Ciolos for prime minister, at Cotroceni consultations


USR (Save Romania Union) is going to propose the party’s co-chair Dacian Ciolos for the office of prime minister, at Monday’s consultations with President Iohannis, the national bureau of this political party established on Monday.

“USR is going to the consultations with President Iohannis determined to form a Government with full powers, as soon as possible, to manage the pandemic, to manage the explosion of energy prices and the reforms under the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan). USR continues to maintain that the best solution for Romania is a government created by the USR, PNL (National Liberal Party) and UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania) parties, with a new prime minister and with all these parties being committed to a governing programme that includes the PNRR, as well as the emergencies that must be managed and respected by the coalition partners. The national bureau of the USR decided that the negotiation team to represent the party at the consultations with President Iohannis to present the latter with the proposal of co-chair Dacian Ciolos as the USR proposal for prime minister, plus a a package of measures that will be the basis of the governing programme,” Ciolos stated at Parliament, after the meeting of the USR leadership.

According to him, USR has prepared “concrete proposals.”

He said that USR proposes, among other things, a 32pct cut in the price for electricity, a plan to limit the transmission of COVID-19, the abolition of the Section for Investigating Magistrates by the end of October and the adoption of Justice Laws by the end of next year, the implementation of the “Zero taxes” project on the minimum salary, the reform of special pensions, the reform of state companies, the return to the election of mayors in two rounds by March 2023.

“We find that the old parties are running away from responsibility and, in this context, USR is ready to step in and take responsibility, is ready to govern and to immediately initiate negotiations with PNL and UDMR for a government that will get Romania out of the crisis,” Ciolos added.


AUR’s Simion:  Independent PM, protocol for early elections


The Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) is going to consultations at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace with a protocol for early elections and wants an independent prime minister, rejecting “any attempt to keep Florin Citu at Victoria Palace [of Government]”, AUR co-chair, MP George Simion said on Monday in the party’s parliamentary group.

“We, at this moment, are coming up with a proposal that we hope will find a majority: that is, a protocol for early elections, until then, the country should be led by an independent prime minister. (…) We want an independent prime minister, like Calin Georgescu. (…) We reject any attempt to keep Florin Citu at Victoria Palace,” Simion specified.

He added that AUR is waiting for the other political parties that go to Cotroceni to come up with a name they all agree with.

“We are waiting for the other parties to come up with names that we can agree on. A solution and an independent prime minister’s profile, beyond any doubt. (…) This is the solution that we found after the discussions with the other political parties as well and we are going with a clear mandate to Cotroceni,” pointed out Simion.

The AUR leader also said that if President Klaus Iohannis postpones a decision, this means, in fact, that he “seeks to keep Florin Citu at Victoria Palace”.

“When we initiated a censure motion, too, it seemed that we could not collect the necessary signatures. We need 155 signatures. If President Klaus Iohannis insists and procrastinates, delays, postpones, in fact, he seeks to keep Florin Citu at Victoria Palace, we will start and we will certainly find the necessary signatures and support. None of the other parties are happy with the way Klaus Iohannis is managing this crisis. Actually, he is not managing it. The fact that we have waited for a week clearly shows he will not do what a president is supposed to do. It is time, as of today, Monday for the president to hurry up, to give up the beauty sleep and golf games,” said the AUR leader, when asked about the possibility of suspending the president in the current political context


Citu, after the consultations: When we secure a majority, we will also come up with a proposal for prime minister


National chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Florin Citu said on Monday that the Liberals did not come up with a pick for prime minister at their consultations with President Klaus Iohannis.

“We have not put forth any proposal for prime minister. (…) When we secure a majority, we will also come up with a proposal for prime minister,” said Citu at the PNL headquarters.


Simion, after consultations: We ask for Florin Citu’s resignation as interim PM


Deputy George Simion, co-chairman of AUR (The Alliance for the Unity of Romanians), declared on Monday that he requested the president Klaus Iohannis to ask for the resignation of Florin Citu from the position of interim Prime Minister.

“We went to ask president Klaus Iohannis to request the resignation of Florin Citu from his position as interim Prime Minister, because this timing does not sound good, we have the impression that we are being consulted for show. (…) Iohannis, at 18:00, if he is indeed the president of this country, should nominate a Prime Minister that can form the Government, we are not accepting any other solution. Klaus Iohannis needs to take his position as mediator more seriously. First, Citu should leave from Victoria Palace, because he will once again allocate some dozens of millions from the Reserve Fund,” Simion said, after the consultations at Cotroceni Palace.

“We came with a sufficiently clear solution for Romania, to get past this winter and maybe get past spring, we came with a proposal of a Government of specialists, we also had talks with the other parliamentary forces,” Simion specified.

The leader of AUR said that Iohannis said that he is not aware of any political name with the name Orban, apart from his councilor, Leonard Orban.

“Mister Iohannis told us that he does not know any Orban, only his councilor, Leonard Orban. He does not know of any political leader by the name Orban, but we believe in the option of a Government of specialists, led by an independent PM, who can get this country over the winter and over these difficulties. So we came with solutions. All that is left is for president Iohannis to be open to these solutions and the first sign is that he is well intended and wants to resolve this parliamentary crisis and to urgently ask for the resignation of Florin Citu, because as long as Florin Citu remains as interim PM at Victoria Palace, the country is in danger. That man was democratically revoked by Parliament and does not seem to be of sound mind,” Simion concluded.


Kelemen Hunor: We take responsibility for a Government led by UDMR representative, with limited term


The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) would take responsibility for a Government led by a representative of the Union, the chairman of the formation, Kelemen Hunor, said at the end of consultations with president Klaus Iohannis.

“We presented our option and our analysis. We told the president that at this time there is no case, nor is it the time to stall, to look for solutions that are not viable. This is not about a game regarding a power grab. (…), this is about responsibility, accountability and that this is about a solution through which we manage to get through this difficult period. I saw that there was a single proposal, Mr. Dacian Ciolos. PNL (National Liberal Party) did not propose a PM. That is why, along with my colleagues, I said that we are ready to offer a two-step solution – getting through the winter, for six months, until April next year, in an understanding with the parties that are willing to such a deal, (…) to try to restore the coalition with USR (Save Romania Union) if possible, if not, then a parliamentary support for a Government led by a UDMR representative. We are taking responsibility for a short period of time and with a limited mandate, because we need an Emergency Ordinance to cap prices, we cannot do it any other way,” the UDMR leader declared in Parliament.

According to him, “early elections are almost impossible”.

Asked if he has any proposals for the Prime Minister, Kelemen Hunor replied: “My colleagues told me that in the event that we take this direction, they will propose me, but certainly, we did not go through too many details. We wanted to show that there is a solution through which the coalition can be restored. If not, then we can pass a Government through Parliament in October.”


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Photo: www.presidency.ro

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