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February 9, 2023

Orban: Neither PNL nor other parties will endorse Ciolos Gov’t; President’s decision – a bluff

Chamber Speaker Ludovic Orban on Tuesday labelled as a “bluff” the decision of President Klaus Iohannis to appoint Dacian Ciolos as candidate for the prime minister office, saying that no party would endorse a government headed by the latter.

“Unfortunately, the decision the president made yesterday is rather a bluff, which not only is not meant to solve the crisis, but has as effect the prolongation of the political and governmental crisis and the deepening of the crisis. It is obvious to anyone with some knowledge of the political situation in Romania that, in spite of the good intention of the Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity and that of Dacian Ciolos, who in fact were the only ones to have gone to the Cotroceni consultations with a proposal for prime minister, the appointment of Dacian Ciolos as candidate for prime minister is an appointment not taking into account the principle of constitutional loyalty which should have been enforced and does not take into account that the appointment must be done in the case of a prime minister who should actually stand chances of getting a parliamentary majority. (…) Neither the current National Liberal Party leadership nor other political parties will endorse a Ciolos Government. (…) I cannot believe that Romania’s President is not aware that Dacian Ciolos stands no chance of making up a parliamentary majority,” Orban said at the Palace of Parliament, according to Agerpres.

According to him, Ciolos was designated because the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and PNL did not show up for the consultations with the head of state with a prime minister proposal.

In his opinion, the PNL changing the decision on the mandate it went to Cotroceni shows “premeditation.” “In fact, the PNL leadership abandoned the huge chance of stopping the political crisis, rebuilding the ruling coalition, giving Romania a responsible and stable Government, with full exercise capacity,” Orban maintained.

He said that the hidden intention behind this appointment standing no chance is the desire that Florin Citu be the second appointment, and he further argued that those who decided not to designate a prime minister are those who imposed Florin Citu at the PNL leadership, not understanding that Citu has no chance to form a parliamentary majority to invest a government.

Orban also said that neither Klaus Iohannis nor Florin Citu trust the PNL colleagues who could have been nominated for prime minister and who would have had a chance to rebuild the parliamentary majority by restoring the coalition.

In his opinion, “the decision to designate Dacian Ciolos will deepen the gap between PNL and USR PLUS.”

He reiterated Romania is confronted with a governmental and political crisis “caused by the unilateral decision of PM Florin Citu to dismiss the Justice Minister, without having consulted the coalition, or the PNL statutory forums.”

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