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February 9, 2023

Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos : We aim to prepare fast a Gov’t; we will appeal to the coalition partners – PNL,UDMR, minorities. We have no intention to negotiate majority with PSD, AUR, we’re not compatible

Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos of the Save Romania Union (USR) said on Tuesday that his aim is fast preparing a government to handle crisis, for which he will reach out to the party’s coalition partners – the National Liberal Party (PNL), the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), national minorities – mentioning that he had a telephone conversation with the leaders of these parties and that, most likely, a first meeting will take place on Wednesday.

“The aim is to fast prepare a government that works for Romanians and manages the crisis. For that, we will call on the coalition partners PNL, UDMR, minorities. I do not think that those parties would refuse the talks, because it would mean prolonging a crisis, including a health one. USR is not afraid to own the government, the serious social and sanitary situation; we also have a hard winter ahead. It is important to set up a government as soon as possible. We offer responsibility and we demand responsibility from our partners with whom we share a political vision – PNL, UDMR and minorities,” said Ciolos.

He said that USR is trying to restore the coalition to its original form and expects that from the coalition parties as well.

Ciolos also said that he had a telephone conversation with PNL and UDMR and that, most likely, there will be a first meeting with them on Wednesday.

“I had a telephone conversation yesterday and today with both my PNL and my UDMR colleagues and the national minority lawmakers; most likely we will have a meeting tomorrow, because PNL’s Political Bureau meets today. Tomorrow, after the government’s sitting, we will set a first meeting and a first discussion in such format with the party leaders,” said Ciolos, according to Agerpres.

He added that no other party has undertaken to go to the presidential negotiations with a mandate to form a government as soon as possible, a government with full powers to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, rising energy prices and the implementation of reforms under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

“I know that many times in Romanian politics such movements are seen as political games, traps or, in some cases, are played in a populist way. We have directly and very honestly taken up this responsibility, beyond some ideas and games that some parties may have. I think it is also a moment of truth in Romanian politics. We have reached a crisis point and in such situation politicians must take responsibility, not just make calculations in the interest of the parties they represent or just to stay in power. In that spirit, USR has made its proposal for prime minister and at this moment it is taking responsibility for forming a government,” said Ciolos.

Ciolos also said that the USR negotiation team consists of Dan Barna, Anca Dragu, Catalin Drula, Vlad Voiculescu and Ionut Mosteanu, and the team working on a governing agenda includes Cristian Ghinea, Oana Toiu, Anca Dragu, Claudiu Nasui and Dragos Pislaru.


We have no intention to negotiate majority with PSD, AUR, we’re not compatible


Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos, USR (Save Romania Union), said on Tuesday that he has no intention to negotiate with PSD (Social Democratic Party) and AUR (Alliance for the Union of Romanians) to obtain a majority in order to form a government.

“It is not our intention to negotiate a majority with PSD and AUR, I said this very clearly. We are not politically compatible. We are taking charge here for some governing measures that I think are not compatible with the way PSD and AUR see things. We said this from the very beginning. Our intention is to talk to the coalition partners and restore that majority. We have taken on this responsibility and we will have a first discussion to see how we stand, leaving aside the public statements so far,” said Ciolos.

Asked if he excluded the negotiations with PSD and AUR for the vote in Parliament, Dacian Ciolos said: “My goal now is to talk to my colleagues in the coalition. This is the goal. I hope we do not have to wait 10 days for that to happen. This is a crisis period we are going through, it’s important we find a solution as soon as possible.”

He added that PSD and AUR want early elections or a government of technocrats, but at this what Romania needs is a full, politically assumed government.

The president of PNL (National Liberal Party), Florin Citu, said on Monday that Dacian Ciolos has “an immense responsibility” as Prime Minister-designate, and has the possibility to negotiate with PSD and AUR to form the majority necessary for the investment of a government.

“I have taken note of the appointment made by President Klaus Iohannis. As of today, the responsibility of Dacian Ciolos, as Prime Minister-designate, is immense. He now has the opportunity to negotiate with the parties that supported the motion of censure (PSD and AUR), to form the necessary majority for a stable government. PNL will discuss with Mr. Ciolos after he finds a solution to form a majority together with his allies from the censure motion, PSD and AUR,” said Citu.


We have ideas on how to overcome the crisis, we are thinking about reducing VAT on energy


Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos, Save Romania Union (USR) chairman, said on Tuesday that he was preparing a government program, noting that a solution to managing the energy price situation would be to reduce VAT on energy from 19% to 5%.

“Beyond the nomination for the position of prime minister, we also have ideas on how to get through the crisis, the winter and the reforms that need to be made in Romania. For example, to manage the energy price situation we are ready to discuss with potential partners and we are thinking, first and foremost, of the coalition partners to find solutions. Beyond the price capping, we are thinking, for example, of reducing VAT on energy from 19% to 5%, which can have a direct impact in reducing costs, energy bills for household consumers,” Ciolos said.

He added that another proposed measure would be to subsidize heating plants and tax credits for SMEs.

“We now have heating plants that pay 3.4 times more than normal if we subsidize heating plants, but we are also thinking about SMEs that will be affected. And we are thinking of tax credits that cover part of the costs from the increased price of energy or the exemption from the payment of green certificates, which is also found in the household consumers’ bill. We will also come up with a plan of firm reforms to manage the limitation of COVID transmission in the next period,” Ciolos added.

Ciolos also mentioned the outstanding reforms of the coalition, which are important for Romania, such as the abolition of the SIIJ, the reform of state companies, the pension reform.


Compiled from Agerpres

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