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November 29, 2022

Seven Romanian students to launch Eva rocket in European competition with 400 participants

Vodafone Romania announces that it supports the first team of Romanian students that will launch an Eva rocket at the European Rocketry Challenge competition in Portugal (EuRoC 2021), October 11- 17.

The event in the Portuguese city of Ponte de Sor is attended by 20 teams and almost 400 students from all over Europe.

“The 2Space team is an example of determination, they are the first students to represent Romania in such an international competition. They have put a lot of effort into designing and building the rocket and we are glad that we were able to contribute to their goal becoming a reality. We wish them good luck and strongly believe that some meetings are not accidental at all, and that our collaboration will certainly continue, as technology partners, even after our return from Portugal. Vodafone is currently undergoing change designed to meet the present and future demands of our customers; we are moving from a telecommunications company to a technology company. The period we are going through worldwide has further accelerated the process of adopting new technologies in all fields. We are supporters of innovation, and in order to be able to promptly meet the demands of our customers, we are looking for creative, enterprising people to join us. That is why we have partnered with universities and are investing in young people who creates today’s technology, whom we have supported and will continue to support,” says Ciprian Zamfirescu, digital transformation manager at Vodafone Romania.

According to a press statement of the company released on Monday, the 2Space team representing Romania consists of seven students from several faculties in Bucharest: Marius Trifu (Faculty of Automation and Computers), Inesa Schmidt (Bucharest School of Economics ), Andrei-Toma Stoica (Faculty of Automation and Computers), Constantin-Catalin Chelmus (Faculty of Aerospace Engineering), Andrei Madalin Grigore (Faculty of Aerospace Engineering), Robert Mihai Ionita (Faculty of Aerospace Engineering), and Vlad-Marian Ivanciu (Faculty of Aerospace Engineering).

The rocket created by them is called Eva and weighs almost 30 kg and is 2.5 meters high. The team’s goal is to fly the rocket up to 9,000 metres into the air.

“To us, EuRoC 2021 is the first official and international context in which we have the opportunity to build and launch a rocket. We are extremely grateful that we have been accepted to compete, because we feel that it is close to our goal: to provide orbital transport for nanosatellites. Thanks to the support offered by Vodafone Romania, we have the opportunity to compete and represent Romania in a prestigious global competition. This is an opportunity for us to gain experience, get to know other young people as enthusiastic as ourselves, with whom we may conduct future projects. We are ready to give our best, to learn and, when we return, to apply all the knowledge we have gained to support young people passionate about the space industry,” says Marius Trifu, a member of the 2Space team, according to Agerpres.

EuRoC aims to encourage young people studying engineering to design, build and launch their own vehicles. In a broader sense, the competition is designed to motivate and encourage young people to pursue careers based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), strengthening competences in the area of Space through research, education and scientific culture.

Vodafone is the largest mobile and landlide phone service provider in Europe and the largest provider of IoT services in the world, operating in 21 countries along 49 partner mobile networks.

As of June 30, 2021, Vodafone Group had over 300 million mobile service users, more than 28 million landline broadband users, approximately 22 million TV service customers, and approximately 130 million connected IoT devices.

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