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October 1, 2022

Prime-Minister designate says he will wait until Friday for an answer from former coalition partners. If negotiations to rebuild coalition will fail, Ciolos will go to Parliament with USR Gov’t

Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos says he will wait until Friday for an answer from his former partners – the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) – whether or not they understand to reform the governing coalition, pointing out that would like to end what he terms “dance of political entertainment in which people are more important than outcome.”

“A lot of emotions right now, names after names, statements and questions that are more worthy of a reality show rather than a situation that involves a lot of poise and urgency. Our former partners have asked me to wait until tomorrow to see whether or not their parties agree or not to reform the coalition. We have decided to wait until Friday. We do not have much time, but we have decided to wait, because a possible coalition-backed government would be the best thing now,” Ciolos writes on his Facebook page.

He emphasises that he is not joking about the mandate received from President Iohannis.

“The political situation is unstable, the economic situation is deteriorating, and the medical situation is disastrous. And yet I get questions after questions about the political games that fascinate everyone right now. I do not fall prey to dissonance and I have patience, because right now someone has to find the calm to solve a crisis. I would like us to put an end to this dance of political entertainment in which people are more important than outcome. I am not asking anyone to make political sacrifices, but I do hope that we are mature enough to know that solutions involve giving up, maybe a form of sacrifice, and also diplomacy.”

He underscores that there is “a beginning of a negotiation” and asks the media, analysts and people passionate about political games to understand that “the life of many Romanian citizens depends on the result of these days.”

“I was also asked today if I feel I could be a sacrificial prime minister. My answer is simple: yes, anyone who takes up power in the coming weeks and months will make a sacrifice. The party that owns the government in the coming months does a sacrifice anyhow because it will be a very difficult period. I don’t think there is a greater sacrifice than to govern right now, from a political point of view. We are not afraid of it.”


Mosteanu: If negotiations for rebuilding coalition will fail, we’ll go to Parliament with USR Gov’t


USR (Save Romania Union) will come to Parliament, at the beginning of next week, with a government approved by the Political Committee of this party, in case the negotiations with PNL (National Liberal Party), UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania) and the minorities for the rebuilding of the governing coalition will fail, the leader of the USR Deputies, Ionut Mosteanu, said on Thursday.

“We convened the Political Committee for Sunday afternoon. The Political Committee is the statutory body of USR, which decides if we enter the government or not, so it also approves the governing programme and decides the list of ministers. The number one priority of the Prime Minister-designate, Dacian Ciolos, is to rebuild the governing coalition with PNL, UDMR and with the support of the national minorities group in the Romanian Parliament. This is our priority, this is his priority. We have been saying this countless of times, for over a month. However, if negotiations fail, if discussions fail in the following days, we are going to make our next move. Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos has a mandate from the President of Romania to form a government and will come with this government before Parliament. (…) If these negotiations fail, we will come before Parliament with a government approved by the Political Committee, a list of ministers and a programme approved by the Political Committee at the beginning of next week,” said Ionut Mosteanu.

He called on the PNL to show responsibility.

He also specified that a new meeting of Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos and the leaders of PNL, UDMR and of the national minorities will take place on Friday.


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