Ciolos to submit governing program and Cabinet list to Parliament on Monday

Prime minister-designate Dacian Ciolos will submit to Parliament on Monday the governing program and the Cabinet list.

“The National Bureau of the Save Romania Union (USR) met on Friday at the request of Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos and set a calendar for the following days: Saturday – completion of the governing program; Sunday – National Bureau and Political Committee meeting to approve the program and the list of ministers; Monday – submission of the governing program and the list of ministers to Parliament,” USR announced.

USR Chairman Dacian Ciolos was nominated on Monday evening by President Klaus Iohannis to form a government.

According to article 103 of the Constitution of Romania, within 10 days from the nomination, the Prime Minister-designate shall request Parliament’s vote of confidence on the complete government line-up and program, which are debated by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate in a joint session.

Parliament’s confidence in the government is given by the vote of the lawmakers’ majority.


Until Sunday, if the PNL is interested in the discussions, it knows where to find us


Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos announced on Friday that he remains determined to propose a Government in Parliament and called on the National Liberal Party not to run away from responsibility.

“Unfortunately, I found today that PNL refuses for now a negotiation with the prime minister designated by president Klaus Iohannis and I can only make an appeal for responsibility because Romania needs a government. USR (Save Romania Union) remains determined to propose a Government in Parliament by the beginning of next week. On Sunday, we have the National Council meeting in which we approve the government programme and the government list, until Sunday, if the PNL is interested in the discussions, it knows where to find us if they have other ideas to find formulas together, now and not later, because people are not waiting. We will go all the way and we will offer a government with full powers,” Ciolos said.

He said he would go “all the way” with his mandate. “We take responsibility to the end,” said the USR chairman, who noted that he has a mandate and will make a government program and a team.

The meeting between prime minister-designate Dacian Ciolos and the leaders of PNL, UDMR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) and the national minorities that was to take place on Friday was canceled, after the decision of the PNL leadership to ask the president of USR to negotiate with PSD (Social Democratic Party) and AUR (Alliance for the Union of Romanians) to form the majority necessary for the investiture of the government.


Not the case for PNL, which had an alliance with PSD, to give us lessons


The Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos declared on Friday that the chairman of PNL (National Liberal Party) Florin Citu, did not want to meet with him, adding that it is not the case for liberals to give lessons to USR (Save Romania Union), with whom we should negotiate to forming a Government, given that PNL used to have an alliance with PSD (Social Democratic Party) in the past.

“USR will not negotiate with PSD. Besides, the PNL, if we were to talk about it, has negotiated with PSD. They had a Government together, they had an alliance together, so I believe that it is not the case for them to give us lessons regarding with whom we should negotiate and should’t. We were very clear on this subject and we will keep being so. What shall we do? We will prepare a governing program with measures that need to be taken as quickly as possible, we will present them in Parliament, then the MPs will decide if it is time to give a Government with complete powers to Romania, which will get past this crisis period or if they will keep extending the incertitude,” Ciolos said, during a press conference.

“(PM Citu, ed. n) informed me regarding the (PNL) Executive Bureau’s decision, he said that he remained with the same decision, that he did not change the mandate and that, under these circumstances, there is no sense to see each other anymore. We stay open to talks. But, the majorities are proven in Parliament,” the USR chairman added.


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