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December 6, 2021

Gov’t debt surpasses 550 billion lei, at the end of August, representing 49.7 % of GDP

The debt of public administration (governmental debt) has gone up, at the end of the first 8 months of 2021, to 550.34 billion lei, from 545.337 billion lei, after the first 7 months, according to the centralized data from the Ministry of Finance.

Related to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Government debt has gone up to 49.7% at the end of August, from 49.3% of the GDP at the end of July.

Medium and long term debt situated at 530.865 billion lei and the short-term debt at 19.474 billion lei.

The largest part of this debt, namely 469 billion lei, was represented by Government securities. Loans were worth 73.109 billion lei.

A sum of 251,406 billion was Government debt in lei, 255,154 billion lei were represented by Government debt expressed in Euro and 42.219 billion lei equivalent to American dollars in debt.

Public administration debt was 534.598 billion lei at the end of August, of which 515.14 billion lei were on short and medium term. The largest part of the central administration’s debt was contracted in Euro (251.254 billion lei, equivalent) and in lei (239.566 billion lei).

The debt of local public administration was situated at 15.741 billion lei, of which 15.725 billion lei for medium and long term.

According to the data from the Ministry of Finance, the foreign debt of public administration was situated at 282.404 billion lei (25.5% of the GDP), of which 277.848 billion lei foreign debt of the central public administration and 4.556 billion lei for the foreign debt of the local public administration.

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