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March 29, 2023

Parliament rejects Government of PM-designate Ciolos. President Iohannis convenes new round of consultations with parliamentary parties on Thursday

The government proposed by Prime Minister-designate, Dacian Ciolos, was rejected, on Wednesday, by the Joint Chambers of Parliament.

There were 88 votes “for” and 184 “against” the investiture of the Ciolos proposed Cabinet.

In order to be passed, the Ciolos Cabinet would have needed at least 234 votes in favour.

The vote was secret with tokens.




USR’s Ciolos: Lawmakers rejected only solution they had on table. The ball returns to the court of President Iohannis


Lawmakers rejected the only solution they had on the table, Dacian Ciolos said on Wednesday after Parliament rejected the list of his proposed Cabinet by a vote.

“We talked and the MPs talked the solutions, but they rejected the only solution they had on the table, because it is precisely those who accused us and accused me of blocking the finding of a solution by the fact that we came to Parliament today with a government proposal and a government programme, are exactly the ones who prolonged the situation of political crisis in which we find ourselves. (…) USR (Save Romania Union) has done its duty, we remain with this assumed responsibility to contribute to finding a solution, but it is important that the other political forces take responsibility for especially what they have not done, because they have stood on the sidelines,” Dacian Ciolos said.

He added that, from this moment on, the “ball” returns to the court of President Klaus Iohannis.


Senate’s Dragu: President needs to resume negotiations with political parties; pandemic situation requires urgent measures


Senate President Anca Dragu said on Wednesday that the head of state must begin a new round of consultations with all political parties, underscoring that the pandemic situation requires urgent measures.

“The Ciolos government has not been invested, we will continue the dialogue, we must begin consultations. At this moment, the Romanian President needs to start a new round of consultations with the political parties. We must resume this consultation period as provided by the Constitution. The Romanian President must start a round of consultations with political parties and resume the entire process,” said Dragu.

She said that USR (Save Romania Union) agreed to resume talks with the PNL (National Liberal Party). “We said that in this context we do not see Mr Citu as Prime Minister. Of course, yes (that USR will have a dialogue with PNL), the situation is one that requires urgent measures. (…) We need solutions for Romania and we hope to find them as soon as possible. That is why we sit down at the dialogue table. The sooner the better,” said Anca Dragu.


Orban: I am publicly urging Iohannis to start consultations this evening


National Liberal Party (PNL) MP Ludovic Orban, former Liberal party leader, asked President Klaus Iohannis to start consultations for the designation of another prime minister on Wednesday evening.

“I am publicly urging Iohannis not to start consultations in a week’s time, as he did after the Government was overthrown, but this evening or even tomorrow, to identify a fast solution,” Orban said at Parliament.

According to him, Dacian Ciolos hasn’t gathered the necessary votes to invest his cabinet because Iohannis hadn’t designated him “in order to find a solution to the crisis,” but only “to punish and humiliate him.”

“It is not Dacian Ciolos’ fault that he did not gather the votes for the inauguration of the Government today. Basically, Dacian Ciolos was the only one who assumed the responsibility to form a government and did not realise that Iohannnis, when he appointed him, he did not appoint him to find a solution to the crisis, but he appointed him only to punish and humiliate him. The responsibility for extending the crisis exclusively rests with President Iohannis and his followers in the PNL leadership who obeyed Iohannis’ order not to nominate a prime ministerial candidate, although there had been proposals made by parliamentarians and members of the PNL. Do not imagine that if now Citu is let go, as I warned four weeks ago, when I labelled Citu as a simple pawn that will be sacrificed whenever the president’s interest demands it, the PNL leadership can come up with any proposal,” added Orban.


President Iohannis convenes new round of consultations with parliamentary parties to nominate new candidate for PM


President Klaus Iohannis will hold on Thursday consultations with parliamentary parties and formations in order to nominate a candidate for prime minister.

The consultations will start at 11.00, according to the Presidential Administration.


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