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March 30, 2023

DSU’s Arafat: Gov’t approves additional measures to contain the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

30-day ban on private functions – wedding, baptism parties, conferences

The government has approved amendments to its decision extending the state of alert by establishing additional measures to contain the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including a 30-day ban on private functions – wedding, baptism parties, conferences – and limiting open hours of shops from 05:00hrs to 21:00hrs, according to head of the Emergency Management Department (DSU) Raed Arafat.

He told a news conference on Friday that the use of a forged COVID-19 green certificate or of such certificate by anyone else than the right owner will be prosecuted.

“A night curfew starts at 22:00hrs throughout the country, but for the exceptions that you know, to which are added the people vaccinated against or having recovered from COVID-19 and who must present the certificate when so requested,” said Arafat.

According to him, access to all non-essential areas is done on the green certificate for people vaccinated against COVID-19 or who have recovered from the disease.

“For essential stores, the public health safety measures will be followed, but without the need for a green certificate,” Arafat added.


Sports competitions will be carried out without public , outdoor concerts and shows banned


Head of the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU) Raed Arafat also announced after the Government meeting on Friday among  new restrictions for limiting the COVID-19 pandemic that sports competitions will be carried out without public and banning outdoor concerts and shows.

“The activities of sports competitions will be carried out without public in the next period. Concerts, shows outdoors are forbidden, and in terms of cinemas, theatres, [they will work] at 30 percent of capacity, but based on a green certificate, having passed a test or recovered from the disease,” Arafat told a press conference.

The DSU head also said restaurants would continue to operate, by limiting the open hours until 21:00, nonetheless only for persons with a COVID green certificate or who had been infected with SARS-CoV-2 and cured.


You do not have a certificate proving vaccination or having cured, you cannot stay in hotels


The head of the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU), Raed Arafat, said on Friday, referring to the Romanians who will want to go on vacation in the next period, that only people who have a green certificate, namely are vaccinated or have been cured from COVID-19 are accommodated in hotels.

After the Government meeting, Raed Arafat was asked by journalists what piece of advice he gives to the Romanians who will want to spend the holidays in the next period, considering the days off on Saint Andrew and December 1.

“If other countries receive them! (…) My opinion is that the best thing now is to stay where you are – because, be careful, what I didn’t say: the accommodation units will have to check the green certificates, as well, hotels including. Not tests. I mean, it’s clear: you don’t have a certificate of vaccination or proving you are cured from the illness, you can’t stay in a hotel, and I think that’s already applied in a lot of European countries. I have seen this at a meeting in Ljubljana, at the Slovenian Presidency, and the first thing that was asked at the hotel, at the accommodation unit, was the green certificate. I mean, we are not the only ones applying such rules at the moment,” Arafat explained.


Romania receiving medical assistance from Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, WHO


Romania has received assistance from several European countries – Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland – and the World Health Organisation (WHO) consisting of drugs, equipment, tests, transfers of COVID-19 patients, head of Romania’s Department for Emergency Situations (DSU) Raed Arafat announced on Friday.

“Yesterday, we had a videoconference with the Emergency Response Coordination Centre with the European Commission, with all member countries, to discuss the needs of Romania and other countries that are now in trouble, and that established what assistance is to get to Romania soon. Among the aid that has already arrived in Romania, we are talking about Italy: 5,206 vials of monoclonal antibodies, distributed by the Ministry of Health. The medicines reached 134 healthcare facilities with beds to treat 2,603 patients. The support given to us by the Swiss Embassy, in addition to the company that makes Tocilizumab – and we are talking about a number of doses to come – is, unfortunately, one that is limited, but, as you know, Tocilizumab is one of the major problems all over the world, not only in Romania, due to the lack of delivery from the company. There are alternatives, now we are talking about alternatives that can replace them,” Arafat said after a government meeting on Friday.

He added that the call for support for various categories of medical equipment and supplies had been forwarded to the European Union and also posted on NATO’s disaster support website. “From there, in fact, some countries found out and returned to take an interest in providing support,” Arafat explained.

Austria has sent several intensive care drugs, and a military plane has flown two patients from Romania there. With Germany, the official part for the monoclonal antibody doses has already been completed, which will arrive in Romania in the coming days.

The World Health Organisation will send antigen tests and oxygen concentrators, while Poland has provided some equipment and supplies and a second transfer of patients to the country took place on Friday.

“Hungary’s support continues to take over patients. There are already over 30 patients there and the support continues, we are conducting talks with our colleagues at the Response Coordination Centre and the border counties to send patients when needed, “Arafat added, according to Agerpres.


Education Ministry, empowered to issue order on 14-day holiday; nursery schools stay open


The Government has empowered the Education Ministry to issue the order on establishing a 14-day holiday in the entire education system, starting Monday, including for after-schools, except for nursery schools, which will stay open, Department for Emergency Situations (DSU) head Raed Arafat said on Friday.

“The Education Ministry has been empowered to issue the order on establishing a 14-day holiday in the entire education system, including after-schools, which are mentioned in the Government Decision. Nurseries are the only ones that will stay open,” Arafat said at the Victoria Governmental Palace.


Visitors’ access to public buildings, on green certificate; for employees, rules to be made in Parliament


Head of Department for Emergency Situations (DSU) Raed Arafat announced that visitor will have to present, upon entering public buildings, a green certificate or a COVID negative test, following that similar rules for the access of employees be established by legislative amendment, by Parliament.

Asked how will Romanians go to pay taxes at town or city halls, enter a public institution, if they need a green certificate, he replied: “Let the city hall organise the reception through a booth or something.”

He underscored the antigen test is also acceptable for the access to public buildings.

In context, Arafat also pointed out the importance of enforcing the measure on telework.

“There is an aspect I haven’t mentioned and I will truly underscore it: all institutions, public, private, should go, if possible, to 50 percent of the staff in telework. Where it is not feasible, they should organise the activity in shifts for the persons activating there, namely offset activity, if shifts aren’t possible either, it must be analysed, but preferably in the next 30 days. (…) The important thing is that we reduce mobility and interaction as much as possible,” Raed Arafat said.

The DSU head pointed out that the measure are adopted to be enforces on a 30-day period, coming into force on Monday.


Two experts from Denmark to analyse situation of ICU beds at “Matei Bals” Hospital


Head of the Department Emergency Situations (DSU) Raed Arafat announced on Friday, after the Government meeting, that two experts from Denmark are in Romania and are analysing the situation of ICU beds at the “Matei Bals” Hospital in the Capital.

“The most important thing that is happening today in terms of activating ICU beds, a team of two experts from Denmark, who are already in Romania, arrived in Bucharest, they will analyse the situation at ‘Matei Bals’ regarding the increase in the number of ICU beds, and the first medical team from Denmark will arrive at the beginning of next week and will work at the ‘Matei Bals’ Hospital,” Arafat told a press conference.

The DSU head brought to mind that a team of doctors from the Republic of Moldova is in Iasi, and the Romanian authorities are also talking to other countries to receive medical teams.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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