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March 30, 2023

President Iohannis, on minority Government supported by PSD: We must get to work with people who want to be with us. Romania received support from eight European states in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Friday that there is need for a Government to solve the issues Romania is facing, stating that it must be supported in Parliament by “those who want to be with us.”

President Iohannis was asked if the future minority Government has chances to last until 2024 and to complete reforms if supported by the Social Democratic Party (PSD), a party accused countless times of blocking reform.

“Now we must get to work. And we must get to work with the people who want to be with us. Where else to seek majorities if not in the Romanian Parliament? Somebody has to govern and somebody has to support the Government through majorities. This is the political calculation and it’s a calculation I made for Romania and for Romanians and that’s what will happen. If this is the government’s composition for a year or two or three, we will see, but the issues, my dears, must be resolved. At some point they must be resolved and someone must govern,” said the head of state in Brussels before attending the European Council meeting.

“We must see things as Romanians see them. There needs to be an end to the political crisis, which is not Romania, is not about the Romanians’ problems, it’s a crisis created by some who wanted to show how important they are and managed to show only how unimportant they are, to say it frankly. On the other hand, now I have designated Mr. Ciuca to form a Government to start.., so the Government can start and fix Romanians’ problems and Romania’s problems: the pandemic, the energy crisis, the coming of winter and reforms. I have assumed these reforms since 2014 and I am still determined to be fully involved so that we have a well-finalized reform in justice – we have absolute need for an independent justice, right and fair – we need changes, the justice laws are as they resulted from the time of [Liviu] Dragnea’s PSD. We can’t remain like this. We need reform in administration. We need reform in the pension domain, we need it in the public wage domain. All these things remained not worked on. The coalition that governed until now has not managed to resolve these issues. There is no need for me to explain, now, from Brussels, why they didn’t manage it, but these past days have somewhat shown who the crisis-makers were, those who instead of carrying out reform produced crises. This is currently the situation in our country,” said Iohannis, according to Agerpres correspondent in Brussels.


Romania received support from eight European states in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic


President Klaus Iohannis also said on Friday that Romania has received actual support from eight European states in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and has made a new call for vaccination, showing that Romanians should not listen to those who “talk nonsense in public and on Facebook.”

“At home, the situation is very, very complicated. I have talked about a tragedy, about a catastrophe in the field. Hospitals are crowded, doctors, medical staff are overwhelmed, they work non-stop, ICU beds are no longer available. We turned to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and we have already received actual support from eight European countries, others have already declared their willingness to help us. It is an important thing and it shows, in our desperate situation, that European solidarity is not just an expression, but a fact. I thanked our partners and friends who help us and come up with places for intensive care, medicines, oxygen devices and so on and come to our aid. But we have to play our part. And here I repeat very clearly: there is no other solution than vaccination and we have to be serious and accept this once and for all,” said the head of state before attending the European Council meeting.

He made a new call for Romanians to go and get vaccinated.

“Please take a look at others in Western Europe. We are here in Brussels. In all the states of Western Europe, the pandemic has been abated by vaccination. There are vaccination rates of 80% – 90% and few people ended up in intensive care and in hospitals in recent weeks. Why can’t we do that? Why do we have to listen to some who talk nonsense in public and on Facebook and convince you not to get vaccinated to end up in the hospital and intensive care? It is fundamentally wrong. The solution is clear, it is free, it is available, it is called vaccine. Dear Romanians, go and get vaccinated, don’t end up in hospital, don’t spread the disease on, let’s end this pandemic! Until then, we have support from all sides, everybody is helping us, but let’s be honest, no one can get vaccinated in our place, that’s for us to do,” Iohannis underlined.



Photo: www.presidency.ro

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