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March 30, 2023

Ciuca, at Army Day ceremony Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Monument in Carol I Park: Romanian Army Day is not only a holiday of the military, but also celebration of all Romanians who love their country

The Romanian Army Day is not only a holiday of the military, but also of all Romanians who love their country, said the interim Minister of Defence, Prime Minister-designate Nicolae Ciuca.

“The Romanian Army Day is every year the moment when we proudly honor and respect the deeds of arms of our forefathers, their sacrifice for Romania’s independence and sovereignty. Every time the country was in danger, the Romanian military fought valiantly for the preservation of the national being and for the protection of every piece of Romanian land. The day of October 25, 1944, once became a symbol of the liberation from foreign occupation of the city of Carei, Transylvania and the whole of Romania. We bow our heads respectfully in memory of those who sacrificed themselves to carry out this mission of honor to achieve the ideal of freedom of Romanians,” said Nicolae Ciuca, on Monday, at the ceremony organized on the occasion of the Romanian Army Day at the “The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” Monument in Carol I Park.

He also sent a message of gratitude to the war veterans, wishing them good health.

He also made a brief assessment of the activity carried out in the last year at the level of the Ministry of National Defence.

He also mentioned the completion of the restoration, rehabilitation and conservation project of the monument dedicated to the Romanian heroes from the First World War, the “Commemorative Cross” on Caraiman Peak.

The Minister also pointed out the international achievements of the Romanian military.

“Internationally, we have continued to act to strengthen the collective defence bodies of which we are a part, at our country’s eastern border in all three dimensions – land, air and sea. It is an important part of NATO’s eastern flank and border. We will continue, militarily, to act responsibly, predictably and in coordination with our allies and partners to strengthen Romania’s role as a pole of stability in the Black Sea region,” Ciuca said.

He also brought to mind that the participation of the Romanian Army in the mission in Afghanistan ended this year.

The interim Minister of Defence also thanked all the troops who have fulfilled or are fulfilling missions today in the other theaters of operations, or on the national territory.

He also referred to the contribution of the Romanian military to combating the COVID 19 pandemic.

The interim Minister of Defence stressed that the Romanian Army Day is not only a holiday of the military, but also of “all Romanians who love their country”.

“It is an opportunity to show you our appreciation and to thank you for the devotion and professionalism with which you carry out your missions. Today I convey my thoughts of appreciation to all those who have served their country with faith, active or reserve military and especially to the war veterans and those from the theaters of operations. I also send congratulations and best wishes to the entire staff of the Romanian Army. Many Happy Returns to the Romanian Army and Romania!,” Ciuca also said.


President Iohannis: Army remains a solid landmark and enjoys the confidence of Romanians


President Klaus Iohannis said on Monday, October 25, Romanian Army Day, that the army remains a solid landmark and enjoys the confidence of Romanians, helping to maintain the stability needed for the development of the Romanian society.

“Discipline, a spirit of sacrifice, loyalty, integrity and courage that define you are virtues deeply rooted in the nature of the Romanian people that have guided us in achieving national ideals. They are defining features of the Romanian Army, one of the institutions that command much respect. It is no coincidence that in the decisive moments of our hard-fought history the Romanians have constantly maintained their confidence in the army as a true anchor of credibility and stability. Today, as in other difficult times, we must prove that we are supportive and able to overcome the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to welcome the significant contribution of the Romanian Army to the management of the health crisis. The military healthcare workers, as well as the necessary means made available to the civilian authorities, have saved many lives. The army, worthy of its past and its heroes, remains a solid landmark and enjoys the confidence of Romanians, contributing to maintaining the stability necessary for the development of our society,” Iohannis told a Romanian Army Day ceremony.

He thanked all those who have accomplished their noble mission of being in the service of the country with a sense of duty.

He underlined that Romania’s journey towards a modern and secure state, as it currently is, is closely linked to the Romanian Army.

“The professionalism and dedication shown by the military in war zones have contributed to our Euro-Atlantic and European journey, as well as to strengthening our strong strategic partnership with the United States. We are today an active and valued ally inside NATO and an important member of the European Union, which meets its commitments and contributes to international peace and security. The exemplary participation of the Romanian military in operations and missions outside the national borders increases the relevance of our country within the international community. Because of its army, Romania has continuously strengthened its role as a security provider on the eastern flank of NATO. Through a combined national, political, military and diplomatic effort, we have strengthened NATO’s deterrence and defence posture in the Black Sea region and we continue this broad process in close liaison with our allies and partners. I want to also welcome the contribution of the Ministry of Defence and the Romanian Army to the process of military adaptation of NATO and I encourage keeping up this sustained pace, both conceptually and operationally,” said Iohannis.

He added that 2021 marked the end of the mission in Afghanistan, the longest, most complex and important military operation carried out by the Romanian Army outside the national borders after WWII.

“Romania’s commitment in Afghanistan together with the United States of America, our most important strategic partner, and its allies has decisively confirmed the Euro-Atlantic orientation of our country. We have proved, once again, that Romania has not only the resources to ensure national security, but also that it is a provider of security and a reliable ally in the most difficult war zones. Where we could not come up with state-of-the-art military equipment, our soldiers and officers compensated with dedication, strategic intelligence and courage. Our army has thus constantly contributed in recent years to consolidating Romania ‘s international credibility,” Iohannis said.

He also pointed out that “we are never allowed to forget our history and forerunners.”

“When we say army, we mean heroes; we honour them today, our fallen heroes, those who at the expense of supreme sacrifice defended the independence, sovereignty and unity of our homeland. I am honoured to participate in such events that keep alive the memory of their sacrifice, of their courage and dignity with which they did their duty so that the younger generations may enjoy freedom in a strong and sovereign state. We are never allowed to forget our history and forerunners. We are also paying tribute to the war veterans – true models of devotion, courage and responsibility, not only for the military, but for all of us, the whole society,” the head of state said, according to Agerpres.


Photo: www.mapn.ro, Valentin Ciobirca





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