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August 10, 2022

Acting PM Citu: Romania should receive first money from PNRR in December

Romania should receive the first money from National Recovery and Resilience Program (PNRR) in December, said the interim prime minister Florin Citu, specifying that everything related to the European Commission on this topic has been achieved, and now a series of normative acts for the implementation of the plan must be adopted in the country.

“It was a shorter ECOFIN meeting than usual. The good part is that there were no questions or remarks on the Romanian PNRR. It was a presentation made by the Minister of Finance, I had a very short intervention. Everything related to the European Commission has been done and now it is on our shoulders. The implementation of PNRR is next and we should have the first money from PNRR in December. Of course, we will see how. The ordinance is already given, we have to give a Government Decision. Everything related to the European Commission is over,” said Florin Citu on Thursday at the end of the online participation in the ECOFIN Council meeting.

Asked if the interim government can adopt the normative acts related to PNRR or a full government is needed, he explained: “Some acts can be done in the Romanian Parliament, if we do not have a government, through a bill, so there is no kind of problem, but we already have the ordinance.”

He specified, in the context, that Romania should have a government next week.

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