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March 30, 2023

Ambassador Guillermo Ordorica Robles meets CCIR President Mihai Daraban, proposes establishment of a Romanian-Mexican business council

The Ambassador of the United Mexican States to Romania, Guillermo Ordorica Robles, proposed the establishment of a Romanian-Mexican business council, given that there are currently two honorary consuls in Romania, respectively in Cluj and Timisoara, and a third consul will be identified for the Constanta area, according to a release of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIR).

CCIR President Mihai Daraban received a visit from Guillermo Ordorica Robles on Tuesday, October 26, in order to boost bilateral trade.

“Given the geographical positioning of the two states, trade between Romania and Mexico can be achieved only through the port of Constanta. Thus, it is very important that both the embassy and the Mexican business community in Romania should be more active in this area ( …). As it is known, the oil and gas industry is very strong in Romania and there is already a Romanian-Mexican cooperation in this field, which represents a good opportunity for development in the future,” the president of CCIR, Mihai Daraban said.

He stressed that Romania is a member country of the European Union, and the establishment of a company in our country, regardless of the state from which the shareholders come, provides access to European funds and subsidies.

“I take advantage of this meeting to propose the establishment of a Romanian-Mexican business council, given that, currently, in Romania there are two honorary consuls, respectively in Cluj and Timisoara and we hope, with your help, to be able to identify a third one for Constanta area. We would like this council to be set up with the help of the CCIR, together with the embassy and honorary consulates belonging to Mexico. At the same time, Mexico is in the process of renewing the EU-Mexico partnership agreement, which will soon be ratified among member states,” said Ambassador Guillermo Ordorica Robles, according to Agerpres.

According to ONRC data, the total volume of Romania-Mexico trade amounted to 257.61 million euros at the end of last year, and 197.54 million euros at the end of August 2021. At the level of October 2021, in Romania there were a number of 51 Mexican companies active, with a total value of the invested share capital of 48,746 euros.


Photo: www.ccir.ro

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