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August 8, 2022

GCS: Romania’s COVID-19 daily case count rises by 13.197 following over 68.000 tests in the past 24 hours

A number of 13,197 new cases of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 were registered in the last 24 hours, after over 68,000 tests, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) informed on Thursday.

As of Thursday, 1,616,027 cases of people infected with the novel coronavirus were confirmed in Romania, of which 7,905 are of re-infected patients, tested positive more than 180 days after the first infection, and 1,371,046 patients were declared cured.

A number of 10,247,501 RT-PCR tests and 4,342,073 rapid antigen tests were processed to date.

In the last 24 hours, 23,994 RT-PCR tests were performed (13,361 based on the case definition and the medical protocol, and 10,663 on request) and 44,105 rapid antigen tests.

Aside from the newly confirmed cases, following the retesting of patients who were already positive, 1,337 people were reconfirmed positive.


1,881 patients with COVID-19 in ICU; 35 are children


A number of 20,249 people with SARS-CoV-2 are hospitalized in the health units, of whom 459 are children, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) announced on Thursday.

According to the quoted source, 1,881 patients are hospitalized in intensive care, of whom 35 are children.

In Romania, 149,355 people confirmed with the new coronavirus are in isolation at home and 19,314 are in institutional isolation.

Also, 56,208 people are in quarantine at home, and 102 people are in institutional quarantine.

In the last 24 hours, 7,483 calls were registered to the emergency number 112 and 712 to the TELVERDE line (0800 800 358), open especially for informing citizens.


415 deaths among COVID-19 patients, two of them occurred before reference interval


A number of 415 deaths have been recorded among COVID-19 patients in the past 24 hours, two of which occurred before the reference interval, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) reported on Thursday.

According to the GCS, 228 men and 187 women died.

According to the GCS, 370 of the deaths were of patients who had comorbidities, 32 persons who died did not have comorbidities, and in the case of 13 patients there have been no comorbidities reported so far.

Out of a total of 415 patients who died, 365 were unvaccinated and 50 were vaccinated. The 50 vaccinated deceased patients ranged in age from 30 to 39 years and over 80 years.

Also, 46 of the vaccinated patients who died had comorbidities, and no comorbidities were reported for 4 patients.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 46,430 people diagnosed with COVID-19 have died in Romania.


Two ICU beds left for COVID-19 patients


The Strategic Communication Group (GCS), the official novel coronavirus information task force, announced on Thursday that there were two free beds at the intensive care units in Romania for COVID-19 patients other than those reserved especially for people with certain medical conditions that are also confirmed with SARS-CoV-2.

According to data in the alerte.ms application, there were 1,748 ICU beds for COVID-19 patients nationwide. In Bucharest, 392 such beds are approved by the Public Health Directorate (DSP).

Nationwide, there is an operational reserve of 154 ICU beds for patients infected with the novel coronavirus. These beds are activated, dynamically, where the number of ICU patients exceeds the capacity of the main wards.

1,881 ICU beds are occupied nationwide.

“There are currently two ICU beds available – one in Bihor County and the other in Satu Mare County – other than those reserved specifically for people with certain medical conditions that are also confirmed with SARS-CoV-2,” according to GCS.

Work is still underway to mobilise and provide the necessary medical staff for other ICU beds that will be available in the coming days.


3,820 COVID-19 fines levied in last 24 hours


Law enforcement in Romania levied 3,820 COVID-19 fines totalling 696,705 lei in the last 24 hours for violations of Law 55/2020 on measures to prevent and combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS), the novel coronavirus information task force, reported on Thursday.

Also, six criminal files were drawn up for thwarting disease control.

Violations of the COVID-19 protection norms can be reported to the 0800.800.165 toll-free line set up by the Ministry of Interior, with the calls being taken over by a dispatcher in an integrated system and distributed to the local structures for verification.


Most new cases of COVID-19 in Capital City (1,839), Timis (592), Constanta (581)


Most new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infections compared to the last report were recorded in Bucharest – 1,839 and in the Timis – 592, Constanta – 581, Iasi – 579, Brasov – 567, Sibiu – 549, Cluj – 524, Ilfov – 517 and Bihor – 511 counties, informed, on Thursday, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS).

The fewest new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in the counties of Covasna – 74, Bistrita – Nasaud – 80, Teleorman – 84, Satu Mare – 88.

The Capital City has an incidence of 15.67 cases per thousand inhabitants, being on the sixth day when a slight decrease was recorded.

However, Ilfov County ranks first in terms of the incidence of infections for 14 days, with 16.70 cases per thousand inhabitants. The Prahova – 11.92, Alba – 10.68, Constanta – 10.35, Brasov – 10.03 counties also have incidence rates.

All counties are in the red zone (over three cases per thousand inhabitants).


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