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November 29, 2022

Tohani Romania Survey: When saying Romanian red wine, 80% of Romanians think of Fetească Neagră

More than half of Romanians prefer red wine, and 40% buy wine weekly, according to a survey conducted by Tohani Romania. The same source suggests that Feteasca Neagră is the variety associated with Romanian red wine by 80% of Romanians. The variety and the producer are among the most important criteria in the wine purchase process also mentioned the respondents.

Romanians associate wine consumption with relaxation (60%), dinner being preferred for wine consumption, usually in the company of a life partner (71%) or friends (74%), according to data from an online survey conducted by Tohani Romania nationwide*. Half prefer red wine, and the percentage of those who prefer white and rose wine is close, 27% versus 23%.

When it comes to red wine, the majority (84%) think of a Romanian wine, which they consider at least as good as the international ones (69%). About a third of respondents associate red wine with French and Italian wine, according to the quoted source. Moreover, the variety with which Romanian red wine is associated is Feteasca Neagră (80%). Among the Romanian varieties mentioned by the respondents were Negru de Drăgășani (5.3%), Băbească Neagră (5.7%) and others.

We are glad to receive a new confirmation that the interest for Feteasca Neagră is growing, since its notority has increased, but also as a result of the increase of the wine quality. In the last 15 years, Tohani Romania has constantly invested in the Fetească Neagră vineyard, the largest in Dealu Mare, and now we can enjoy the benefits of these investments: consumer recognition, locally and internationally, but also a portfolio of medal-winning labels in every year, said Virgil Mândru, CEO and owner of Tohani Romania.


Where do people buy wine from and how much they spend


In fact, when they buy wine, Romanians consider first the producer (84%), then the variety (79%), the recommendations of friends (35%) and the label (25%) being the last criteria mentioned by them in the wine purchase process. More than two-thirds of the respondents stated that they usually buy wine from the supermarket (76%). A significant percentage (40%) go to specialty stores, either online or offline. 40% buy wine weekly and 30% monthly.

More than a third of the respondents stated that they allocate between 51 and 100 lei per month to buy wine, and 25% allocate between 101 and 200 lei per month. Almost 20% allocate over 200 lei to buy wine.

The survey also showed that Romanians are becoming more and more interested in the story of wine, the history and charm of the vineyard where it comes from. Thus, 70% of the respondents stated that they visited at least one winery, and 45% that they buy wine from the winery.

In the wine ecosystem, the place where it is born is defining. Those who cross our threshold here, # AcasăLaFeteascaNeagră feel the energy of the place and end up becoming part of the story of the wine produced on a royal estate, full of history. We are proud of a multiple wine medalled worldwide, which brought a Romanian variety out of anonymity, so we are glad that we can provide a tailor-made framework for wine lovers to get to know it closely, Virgil Mândru also specified.

In 2020, Tohani Romania exceeded the threshold of 1 million bottles of Fetească Neagră. The production of grapes this autumn brings good news for the Romanian variety, the quantity of quality grapes harvested being over 20% higher than last year.



*Survey conducted online between 2021 September 1-30, with 472 respondents, 52% men.


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