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August 18, 2022

Raising Conscientious Generations

‘Maarif aims to raise principled, conscientious generations capable of using their knowledge and wisdom to shape the future of humanity. Just like the compass in Mevlana Celâleddin-i Rûmî’s analogy, Maarif serves as the guiding force in its students’ lives. Located at the centre of their core values and beliefs, one arm of the compass reminds them of their roots, resting faithfully upon this land, as the other guides them in their travels across the globe’.


The Turkish Maarif Foundation was established in June 2016, setting itself the mission of affirming the wealth of knowledge that mankind has gained over the years, alongside the wisdom of Anatolian tradition. Since then, it has established a global presence, with 393 educational institutions located in 47 different countries around the world.

International Maarif School of Bucharest was founded in 2019 and is currently welcoming students of all ages, from nursery to upper-secondary level. With the aim of establishing itself as a pioneering educational organisation, Maarif is dedicated to nurturing ‘good people’ who will use their knowledge and wisdom to promote peace and tranquillity. This is partly achieved through the emphasis that we place on those Anatolian customs, morals and ethics that will help to foster justice and equality throughout society. Likewise, community service, discussions on current events and elective modules such as social justice and bioethics enable our students to develop strong leadership skills, in addition to compassion and respect for all.

As well as compassion, we endeavour to foster intellectual curiosity and to raise children to become self-reliant critical thinkers. Our small class sizes and capacity to work with students on a one-to-one basis helps them to reach their full academic potential.

Meanwhile, we emphasise both the social and emotional development of our students. Indeed, we encourage social activity upon offering a range of extra-curricular activities. This helps to promote balance in their lives and ensures that they do not become overwhelmed by schoolwork, despite nonetheless being held to high standards of achievement.

Maarif School is a diverse and caring community of learners. Each student is unique and Maarif Schools recognise this. Indeed, we tailor our educational models and processes to each individual child and view diversities as opportunities. Cultural, aesthetic, social and moral values are all integral parts of academic excellence.

For Maarif students, a sense of responsibility for the self, society and the world as a whole is the driving force behind academic motivation. Maarif Schools connect classrooms to society as a whole by providing collaborative and enquiry-based learning environments. Critical thinking skills, creativity and natural curiosity prepare Maarif students for real life.

At Maarif, teacher training is just as important as our students’ education.  In addition to being active participants in their students’ learning, teachers guide our pupils along their life journey as they acquire knowledge and wisdom as well.  As lifelong learners, Maarif teachers are constantly updating their skills and follow contemporary trends and educational approaches.

Maarif very much supports collaboration between families, students, and the school, as part of its comprehensive approach to education. Parents are actively involved in the educational processes and extensive student support services are on offer. From pre-school to high school, Maarif Schools provide high quality education for all levels and ages in the best possible physical environments.

The Maarif family is fully committed to achieving its goal of shaping exceptional future leaders who will drive society towards prosperity and moral credibility.

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