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August 8, 2022

Romanian platform She is MOM will be present at Web Summit, Lisbon

She is MOM is present for the second year in a row at the most prominent tech event that brings together and connects start-ups, corporations, and investors around the world – Web Summit, which this year will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, on November 1-4.

“This is the second year we are attending the Web Summit, and we strongly believe that last year’s participation was one of the pillars that support She is MOM today. Access to global expertise, investors, mentors, international unicorns offers you visions and resources, which help you think and build. This year we want to come home with the award. But whatever the win, it already exists through our presence at the event,” says Alexandra Badea, Founder of She Is MOM.

The She is MOM platform – https://www.sheismomclub.com/, is the most innovative platform for women in Europe, awarded several times for its initiatives in the two years since it was founded.

She is Mom was launched in the Romanian market in 2019. Currently, She is Mom has in its portfolio over 4,000 members, over 80 mentors, national and international, and offers to its community members over 60 benefits from various fields, from personal development to professional training.

She is MOM’s mission is to guide as many women as possible, both from Romania and from all over the world and give them access to the resources necessary for their professional development. She is MOM is a bridge, connecting women with mentors, career counselors, and educational and professional opportunities that can provide them with the experience necessary for their development and evolution.

On the other hand, She is MOM is a platform where companies can find solutions for their growth, the choice of professionals they need, mentoring for their employees and a wide range of benefits.

For the current year, the founders aim to attract investors who believe in the idea of reconversion and professional development of young mothers with the same strength as them.

Currently, She is MOM operates mainly in the Romanian market. Still, it wants a development outside the country, offering women around the world access to essential resources both in business and on a personal level.

“We believe that our presence at the Web Summit is necessary and that we owe this to the members of our platform. The Web Summit brings together heads of companies, specialists, and mentors from all business segments in over 150 countries worldwide. Our presence there gives us access to essential resources for growth. Two of the main goals with which we are heading to the Web Summit are to attract new investors and bring international benefits and mentors to the She is MOM platform so that the members of the platform benefit from a global expertise,” added Alexandra Badea.



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