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May 19, 2022

PM-designate Ciuca convinced the government proposed by him will capture the minimum needed votes to clear Parliament.

On Saturday, Prime Minister-designate Nicolae Ciuca said he is convinced that the government recommended by him will get the votes needed to clear Parliament, adding that negotiations with the other parties “have to be carried through.”

“I underscored yesterday, and I am underscoring now that we cannot ignore numbers, but I am convinced that the government, in its current composition, with its current agenda, will capture the minimum necessary votes based on responsibility, stability and the need to solve the problems of the Romanians,” Ciuca said at the Parliament House after submitting a list of ministers, responding to what votes he is counting on for his recommended government to receive Parliament’s confidence vote.

He added that stability is needed and called on lawmakers to take responsibility for overcoming the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

“I am convinced and I am once again appealling to everything that means the responsibility of all members of Parliament: we need stability, we need solutions to overcome this crisis. And I am convinced, without being overdramatic, that if we want to really face reality, it is enough to watch TV and see what is happening at the emergency departments,” said Ciuca.

He said he would continue to negotiate with “all responsible political forces.”

“It is our duty to discuss. Negotiations and talks have to be carried through,” he said, according to Agerpres.


Parliament to hear Ciuca Gov’t members Tuesday, cast confidence vote next day


At a joint meeting on Saturday, Romanian Parliament’s standing bureaus decided that the ministers recommended by Prime Minister-designate Nicolae Ciuca will be heard next week, on Tuesday, by the specialist committees, and on Wednesday Parliament will cast a confidence vote at a joint plenary meeting at noon.

The announcement was made by Senate Chair Anca Dragu.

“We had the joint meeting of the standing bureaus and we established that the hearings will start on Tuesday at 10:00hrs, and they will take place throughout the day, while on Wednesday at noon there will be a plenary meeting for a vote on the agenda and the team of the cabinet led by Prime Minister-designate, Mr Ciuca,” Dragu said on Saturday at the Parliament House.

The  list of ministers in the new cabinet was announced on Friday by the PM-designate. Thus, Alina Gorghiu will pick up the Justice portfolio, Lucian Bode is the proposal for the Interior Minister, Bogdan Aurescu will return to the Foreign Ministry, Dan Vilceanu  to the Finance Ministry, Raluca Turcan to the Labor Ministry, Bogdan Gheorghiu to the Culture Ministry and Virgil Popescu to the Ministry of Energy. Catalin Predoiu is the Liberals’ proposal for the Defense Ministry ,  Nelu Tataru is the nomination for the Health portfolio, Robert Sighiartau for the Ministry of Research, Marcel Bolos for the Ministry of Transports, Mircea Fechet for the Agriculture Ministry, Florin Roman for the Ministry of Economy, while Sorin Cimpeanu was nominated for the portfolio of Education.

PNL has not given up on the idea of a minority government together with the Democratic Union of Ethnic Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), which gets a position of Deputy Prime Minister and four portfolios – Development, Environment, Youth & Sports, Investments & European Projects.

“On Friday we had several meetings within the Union’s internal structures, first with the presidents of county organizations, then we had the online meeting of the Council of Union Representatives and we decided to continue working with PNL in a minority government. (…) Following negotiations, UDMR will get a new portfolio allocated. According to the meeting of the Union’s Standing Council, our picks for office are: Kelemen Hunor – Deputy Prime Minister, Attila Cseke – for Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration, Tanczos Barna – for Minister of Environment, Waters and Forests, Eduard Novak – for Minister of Youth and Sports, and Csilla Hegedus was proposed to head the Ministry of European Investments and Projects,” UDMR chairman Kelemen Hunor said in a press release.


PSD, USR have announced they are not going to vote for the new cabinet


PSD cannot vote for a PNL-UDMR minority Gov’t with a governing  program that continues to mercilessly cut Romanians’ incomes, party leader Marcel Ciolacu announced in a Facebook post on Sunday. He stated that on Monday he will propose to the Social Democratic leadership to decide the vote for the new cabinet, thinking only of the fact that the life of the Romanians would become even more difficult, if the measures from the governing program of the Ciuca Cabinet will be applied. He also reproaches that the 10 proposals sent by PSD to the Prime Minister-designate are not found in the governing program.

USR also announced that it will not vote for the Ciuca Cabinet. “USR took note of PNL’s decision of going in Parliament with a PNL-UDMR minority Government. USR will not vote for this minority Government, just as we said repeatedly, it supports the restoration of the PNL-USR-UDMR coalition, just as we said repeatedly. But PNL, through its decision of going forward with the decision made a few days ago, of not making the term of PM designate Ciuca more flexible and going forward with this minority Government, is maintaining this political crisis,” the Union’s spokesperson, Ionut Mosteanu, announced on Friday.


Compiled from Agerpres



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