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August 17, 2022

ROCA X support for Medicai reaches 400.000 EUR

Medicai, a Medtech startup which offers an online, cloud-based platform that connects hospitals, clinics, doctors, and patients in a virtual frictionless network for chronic cases or rare conditions has raised its second bridge round from ROCA X, part of Impetum Group. The current bridge brings ROCA X support for Medicai up to 400.000 EUR. Its purpose is to grant the company an extended runway as to strengthen its short-term position, the founders are aiming to raise a larger follow-up round with the goal of international expansion.

’This is our second bridge round this year, coming right after the one for XVision and they show that ROCA X walks the talk and that we aim to keep our initial promise towards founders meaning to offer them our agile and flexible support when they demonstrate accelerated traction and when the numbers speak for themselves. Medtech is one of the verticals in which we strongly believe, and we will continue investing as it addresses an integrating part of life quality’’, states Alexandru Bogdan (photo), CEO ROCA X.

Through the Medicai platform the patient can seamlessly store their medical imaging archive and share it with doctors, clinics, and hospitals. Moreover, Medicai offers a cloud-based PACS solution (digital medical imaging archiving software), integrating with clinics and hospitals thus allowing them to have a seamless and smooth communication channel that connects them with patients, both internal and external to the clinic.

,,The global healthcare needs collaboration and connectivity and the current global situation emphasizes this need more than ever. On one hand, in 2021, patients still walk out of clinics and hospitals with a CD in their hand and are unsure about where they can find the right specialist for their medical condition and what they must do to get there. On the other hand, doctors have to wait for patients with serious conditions to bring them that CD, so that they can work in an environment that is isolated from the patient and other doctors that work on the same case. This is just one example of inefficiency out of thousands worldwide. We aim to connect all these stakeholders within Medicai, to allow them to work as if they were part of different departments within a grand virtual hospital where they can build more efficient workflows. By doing this we tackle areas such a telemedicine, second opinion, patient triage & navigation, medical tourism, chronic and serious condition case management etc.”, says Mircea Popa CEO Medicai.

Platforms such as Medicai actively help doctors and medical institutions in terms of patient treatment. In terms of traction, the platform has onboarded over 1,700 Romanian-based doctors through this system integration with multiple hospitals & clinics.

The product targets a global problem in the medical sector worldwide, as such after the strong validation on the Romanian market the founders of Medicai are aiming towards an international expansion, with US as market of choice. The startup has already announced its partnership with Element Blue, a medtech integrator from Austin Texas.

‘’Medicai is one of the first startups that have joined ROCA X, their journey up until now has been nothing short of a genuine success story of a local startup. The adoption metrics that we’re seeing, the traction that the product is generating within the market along with the innovative vision of the founding team are some of the main reasons of our constant support for the project. The product that the Medicai team has built is a complex MedTech product which solves a global problem within a vital market in any society. The traction thus far reiterates the value that Medicai brings within the market, its usage witnessing a 10x growth from the debut of our support.”, adds Theo Genoiu, Junior Investment ROCA X.

All existing active investors have joined this bridge round, as such together with ROCA X, DMoonshot and Cleverage have also showed their continued support, bringing the total investment into Medicai in the last two years to over 1 M EUR.




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