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August 10, 2022

The Millo Offices project won the First Prize at the 2021 National Biennale of Architecture

  • ADNBA received the highest award at the 2021 National Biennale of Architecture for the design of Millo Offices, an office building developed by Forte Partners


Millo Offices, an office building part of the Sector 0 initiative alongside the Tandem building, both developed by Forte Partners, participated in the most competitive section of built architecture – industrial, administrative, tourist and sports / leisure buildings – along with 53 other projects completed between 2019 and 2021.

The Millo Offices project, completed in July 2021, is representative for the sustainable way in which Forte Partners develops its office projects, focusing on urban regeneration and the community“, said Geo Mărgescu, CEO and co-founder of Forte Partners. “The project designed by ADNBA helped us to develop a building with a reinterpreted art deco architecture, perfectly integrated in the urban landscape of the area. The first prize obtained by ADNBA at the National Biennale of Architecture confirms that Millo Offices becomes, alongside Palatul Telefoanelor, one of the architectural landmarks in the area, and a third landmark, the Tandem building, currently under construction, also designed by ADNBA and developed by Forte Partners, will join them in 2022”.

Millo Offices and the Tandem building are part of the Sector 0 project, a Forte Partners initiative on the premium office segment. Sector 0 means a total investment worth 100 million euro and consists in the development of office buildings for creative communities, both companies and entrepreneurs/freelancers. Sector 0 will mark a cluster of buildings perfectly integrated in the art deco architectural style, specific to the area, in the vicinity of the representative building Palatul Telefoanelor.

The award obtained by Millo Offices confirms that the ADNBA team perfectly understood the responsibility it had not only towards Forte Partners, but also towards the public institutions involved in  urbanization and towards the community that benefits from urbanization“, said Andrei Șerbescu, founding partner of ADNBA and university lecturer at the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism. “There are two components through which architecture can contribute to building a distinct identity and transforming an urbanization project into a cultural destination. On the one hand are the actions and projects that focus on safeguarding and recovering the heritage and, on the other hand are the steps taken to support the recent and new constructions anchored in contemporaneity not only in terms of state-of-the-art technology or current visual paradigm, but first through aesthetic contextualization of the urban area of ​​reference.”

 Millo Offices is a nine-floors office building, on which construction works began in 2019 and which was inaugurated in July 2021. Following the evaluation based on ten criteria: management, health, energy, transport, water consumption, materials used, waste, land use and ecology, pollution, and innovation, Millo Offices received the BREEAM Excellent certification with a score of 83.2, the highest awarded to an office project in Bucharest at that time.



About Forte Partners


Forte Partners, founded in 2014, is one of the most important real estate developers in Romania. The company has so far developed a portfolio of projects worth over € 200 million, both on the office and residential segments, and is currently developing projects worth another € 200 million.

Forte Partners developed the Ștefan cel Mare Building and The Bridge 1, 2 & 3 office buildings, as well as the residential projects London 27 and Aviației Park, Sector 0 initiative – premium office projects for the creatives downtown Bucharest – and U • Center. Forte Partners’ projects have received national and international recognition for the quality of architecture – London 27 won the “Architecture of Housing” award at the 2017 Architecture Annual, and Ștefan cel Mare Building received The American Architecture Prize 2017 and Best Small Office Development of the Year. For more information about Forte Partners, visit the company’s website: www.fortepartners.ro.




ADNBA is the most awarded architecture company in Romania, holding a vast portfolio of awards and distinctions at biennials, annuals, and other competitions, both national and international. In its almost 20 years of existence, ADNBA has created its reputation as the most creative partner for architectural services, working with some of the most influential real estate developers in Romania. For more information about ADNBA, visit the company’s website: www.adnba.ro








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