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August 13, 2022

PNL-PSD negotiations aimed at harmonizing positions for the formation of majority: Citu and Ciolacu are quite optimistic after the talks, but also cautious

Florin Citu, after the negotiations with PSD: It was a good discussion, with interesting solutions. We have found many things that can unite us. We still have no conclusions

The chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Florin Citu, said on Thursday that in the discussions with Social Democratic Party (PSD) representatives many things were found that unite the two parties, but he specified that the Liberals will present in the party the talks with Save Romania Union (USR) as well, and then make a decision.

“I think we have found many things tonight that can unite us, for example the situation today. We have a crisis in health, energy and for that we need a stable government. If we manage to do this with PSD, it is OK,” Citu said at Parliament after the meeting of the PNL negotiation team with the PSD representatives. “It was a good discussion in which we tried to find solutions to the political crisis,” Citu added. “It is the first discussion, there were also some interesting solutions, like the alternation of the prime minister, but there are still no conclusions”.

He stressed that the decision will be made in the PNL. “We’ll present the two options with pluses and minuses and then we make a decision,” Citu said.

“Romanians must understand that this crisis was triggered by USR, the former partners, who left the government and then voted a motion together with AUR and PSD “, Florin Citu added.


PSD’s Ciolacu: I think we are on the right path and if we are honest and patriotic, this is a path that will lead to the formation of a majority


Social Democratic Party (PSD)  leader Marcel Ciolacu said on Thursday, after the meeting with PNL, that they had no discussions regarding the positions in the Government. “I think we are on the right path and if we are honest and patriotic, this is a path that will lead to the formation of a majority,” Ciolacu said, stressing again that PSD will go to the Cotroceni talks with a proposal for  the Prime Minister.

“We had a first meeting with colleagues from PNL. From the beginning, both I and my colleagues asked for a serious meeting, applied to the needs of Romanians. We did not have discussions regarding the positions in the Romanian Government. We believe that the number one priority is the stabilization of Romania, a situation brought by  this right-wing government. Through a joint effort and a coherent governance program, let’s try to reach a pace expected by Romanians. I believe that we are on the right path and if we are honest and patriotic, this is the way to form a majority “, Ciolacu declared.

Asked about the two parties holding the position of prime minister by rotation, Ciolacu said: “It was a discussion on the prime minister’s proposal. We maintain our decision to go to consultations with a prime minister’s proposal. Then came several solutions that each of us will analyze within the party. Among them was this solution, to come by rotation. I suppose that’s why we have consultations, to go with a common solution “.

“PSD came today with our  100 measures . I have asked the Minister of Finance for the budget execution so far and I think that the zero priority is to come up with a law for the budget rectification in the Parliament, the PSD leader added.

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