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August 13, 2022

The first joint venture real-estate & medical between Cosmopolis and Affidea / Hiperdia for the opening of the first clinic in Cosmopolis, the largest residential complex in Romania

  • Over 200,000 euros were invested for the arrangement, endowment and opening of the newest clinic in the north of the Capital, the medical unit will serve over 12,000 residents of Cosmopolis.
  • The clinic also serves the neighboring communities of the Cosmopolis complex, localities that do not currently benefit from the presence of a chain of medical clinics: Voluntari, Otopeni, Tunari and Ștefăneștii de Jos.
  • Cosmopolis is not in its first partnership. In November 2019, the developer of the complex invested in the opening of the largest closed-circuit fitness center – only the residents of the Cosmopolis complex having access to the investment of hundreds of thousands of euros.



Opus Land Development, the developer of the Cosmopolis residential complex, and Affidea / Hiperdia, one of the most important national networks of medical centers specialized in consultations, laboratory analyzes and high-performance medical imaging, mark the first real estate & medical partnership in Romania. As a result of this agreement, following investments of over 200,000 euros, the first medical clinic was inaugurated in the Cosmopolis residential complex, operating under the Affidea brand.

The new investment comes in the context in which the north of the Capital and the metropolitan area are in continuous real estate expansion, but the number of new constructions and the continuous increase of the population far exceeds the investments made by the private sector in opening new polyclinics, clinics and private hospitals. The new clinic in Cosmopolis will address the more than 12,000 residents of the “closed gate” community, but also the inhabitants of the northern part of Bucharest.

The new Affidea clinic in Cosmopolis covers an area of ​​140 square meters, being the 36th Affidea center in Romania and the first clinic in the metropolitan area of ​​Bucharest. The over 200,000 euros were invested to provide complete services of family medicine, general medicine, pediatrics and gynecology, plus ultrasound imaging diagnosis.

“This partnership responds to the growing need for access to private medical services in the north of the Capital. The best example is the inhabitants of Cosmopolis, most of them employed in the corporate environment, but who work from home in the work from home system. They will have access to both telemedicine services, services that are modern and innovative, but at the same time have access to the traditional system, in which you know your doctor, introduce yourself in the clinic, develop a personal relationship and benefit from personalized services. It is still a cornerstone for the project, a residential complex in which we do not sell square meters but offer a unique lifestyle, which includes all the characteristics of a European city.”, said Gabriel Voicu, Executive Vice President at SVN Romania and project manager of Cosmopolis.

“The national network of medical centers Affidea Romania is constantly expanding, the new center will offer the same medical services at international standards, the team of professionals who work here taking care of the health of residents of the complex and residents bordering the Capital. We are honored and happy to be the trusted medical partner of Cosmopolis and the inhabitants of the ensemble, ”says Răzvan Predica, Country Manager of Affidea / Hiperdia Romania.

The total investment made by Opus Land this year for the development of Cosmopolis amounts to 29 million euros, one third above the level of 2020. The amount is used both for housing development and for the expansion of the general infrastructure of Cosmopolis. This year, the second access road to the complex was opened to traffic, from and to Tunari. Cosmopolis has now reached over 4,400 completed homes and a community of over 12,000 people.


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