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August 10, 2022

President Iohannis: The economic and social situation must be managed with maximum responsibility and prudence

The economic and social situation must be managed with maximum responsibility and prudence, said, on Friday, President Klaus Iohannis, in a message sent to the 29th edition of the National Rankings of Private Companies.

“Today we find ourselves in an economic and social situation which must be managed with maximum responsibility and prudence, so that we can control the health crisis, to ensure economic recovery and financial stability. The fact that economies are recovering is a good sign, after a year of abrupt drop, in 2020. The most recent prognosis places Romania, in 2021, around the first places in regards to economic growth, through the current estimate of 7.4 pct. But the pandemic, which is proving a lengthy and profound phenomenon, still generates some reserves regarding economic developments,” said the head of state, in the message presented at the event by presidential adviser Cosmin Marinescu.

Iohannis showed that Romania “records, presently an economic recovery above expectations,” but there cannot be “disregard for some growing macro-economic imbalances, such as the foreign ones, or other concerns generated by the current context”.

The President mentioned that a first step in the direction of managing the energy crisis was already made by the promulgation of the law to approve the scheme to compensate for electrical energy and natural gas, indicating that among the beneficiaries of the measure are small and medium-sized enterprises, but also providers of social services.

Klaus Iohannis showed that most SMEs are signaling uncertainties in regards to the future developments and that, at the same time, the number of economic agents that had to renounce their activity increased by 30 pct over 2020.

The head of state expressed support for the repeated appeals coming from the business environment regarding the reformation of the state, with the purpose of reducing bureaucracy and increasing the efficiency of the relation between state and business environment.

“We have the chance to reverse the current trend of deepening commercial deficit, through a better capitalization of potential and local resources. For example, Romania can transform itself from a cereal or animal exporter to a producer of added value, through the revitalization of the food industry. And the policies for support in the domain should be built around the objective,” showed Iohannis.

At the end of the message, the President said that there is need for concretization of commitments made to society and to the business environment.

“The absence or delay of much-needed political decisions risks affecting the business environment, which has proven a long-term, credible and responsible partner in the relation with the state institutions. I am confident that the business environment, with the necessary support from the state, will have the necessary instruments and levers to consolidate the current path of economic recovery, in a rhythm that would support our economic prosperity in a sustainable way,” concluded Klaus Iohannis, according to Agerpres.

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