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August 18, 2022

Bucharest General Mayor: Only 15 km of primary heating network rehabilitated this year, 50 km are scheduled for rehabilitation next year

Bucharest General Mayor, Nicusor Dan, stated for private broadcaster Digi24 that only 15 kilometers of primary heating network were rehabilitated this year, because the documentation necessary for the works was not ready.

“For this we would’ve had money. Unfortunately – or, anyway, that’s the system – when you’re a public authority, in order to make any kind of investment you must make a public acquisition and before the public acquisition you have to do a feasibility study, some technical-economic indicators. All of this takes time. We didn’t find this paperwork ready, so we could attribute the. (…) From a technical point of view, it could reach 50 in a year. (…) Unfortunately, we can’t work except in the interval the network isn’t in demand, meaning April-October. (…) You can’t work on the main network in several spots at once,” mentioned the General Mayor.

Nicusor Dan mentioned that, of the total 1,000 miles of primary network, 100-150 km have an age of less than 10 years, and another 100-150 km have an age of less than 20 years. This year saw the rehabilitation of 15 kilometers, and next year has 50 km scheduled for rehabilitation.

“In the medium term, in this mandate, it will be better, because we’ve signed that contract with the European Commission for an aid of 300 million, which means 210 kilometers of 1,000. In the given conditions, we have attributed to our municipal company 13 kilometers, of which they did 8-9. I’ve attributed 20 already, also on the local budget, of the other 40 and we will relaunch the bid for another 20. On the other hand, this summer those reparations that were necessary were done. This was accomplishable this year. Next winter will be much better,” he said.

According to the Bucharest Mayor, the losses in the transport and distribution network for thermal agent are 37 pct. These are compounded by aspects relating to production, in the context of the ELCEN plants being from the 60’s. He recalled that the municipality made the procedural steps for the acquisition of ELCEN, company in insolvency for several years.

“The second part of the discussion I had with Florin Citu was for a loan that the city will take, guaranteed by the state, so that we extract ELCEN from insolvency and we can access European funds, which can be accessed if a company is not in insolvency,” Nicusor Dan said.


Some small parks will be taken over by district mayoralties


The General Mayor of Bucharest, Nicusor Dan, announced that part of the small parks presently administered by the city will be taken over by the districts.

He mentioned, in an interview for private broadcaster Digi24, that large parks will enter an investment programme.

“Part of the small ones we will give to the districts. The larger ones we keep and they will enter an investment program regarding reparation of alleys, playgrounds and landscaping,” said Nicusor Dan.

In what regards Cismigiu Park, the mayor said it was cleaned, but there were no money for investments.

“At this time, there is cleanliness. Those problems that the benches had were resolved. Truly, there were no investment money and the alleys look bad, meaning they’re cracked,” he said.

Nicusor Dan opined that there is an imbalance between the attributions of the city and the money it receives, compared to district mayoralties.

“There is an imbalance between the attributions that the General City Hall has and the money that the General City Hall receives and the attributions that district mayoralties have and the money they receive. This is something that I will repeat and that I said also when Gabriela Firea was mayor. The division of money between the PMB [Bucharest City Hall] and the district mayoralties was inequitable then as well, coming from the budget law which was voted each year,” he said, according to Agerpres.


Photo: Facebook/Nicusor Dan

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