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August 13, 2022

Grindeanu: PSD decides to start negotiations with PNL, UDMR, minorities for new Gov’t. Ciolacu: PSD-PNL negotiations to observe parliamentary proportion

The National Political Bureau of PSD (Social Democratic Party) has decided to start negotiations with PNL (National Liberal Party), UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania) and the minorities for creating a new government, the first deputy chair of the Social Democrats, Sorin Grindeanu, informed on Monday.

He added that they haven’t discussed any political offices at the meeting of the PSD leadership.

Among the measures to be proposed by the PSD for the governing programme there will me massive testing and vaccination, restoring faith in authorities and bringing specialists from abroad, all legislative measures meant to fight the pandemic, specified Grindeanu, according to Agerpres.


Florin Citu cannot be a PM in a Gov’t with PSD


Liberal leader Florin Citu cannot be PM in a government including PSD (Social Democratic Party), first deputy chair of PSD Soring Grindeanu stated on Monday.

“We already sanctioned Mr Citu’s ability to lead a government by toppling him down, through that motion of censure,” Grindeanu told a press conference held at the headquarters of the party, when asked if PSD was going to agree with the possibility of having Florin Citu as PM again in a government with PSD in its composition.

He mentioned that “PSD believes that the Florin Citu Prime Minister stage has been left behind for some time now.”


There needs to be a “serious” discussion regarding the Constitution


The senior deputy chairman of PSD (Social Democratic Party) Sorin Grindeanu, declared on Monday that there needs to be a “serious” discussion regarding the Constitution, in order to see if it matches the realities of today.

“We have a work force coordinated by senator Robert Cazanciuc as of February, this year. We believe that that Constitution that was modified (in 2003, ed. n) shortly before becoming members with full rights in the European Union, the limits of that Constitution in the 90’s, so 30 years ago, may no longer match the needs and realities of Romania today. Specialists and politicians have worked a lot during this period. (…) It is normal to tackle this component as well,” Grindeanu said, during a press conference, held at PSD’s central headquarters, after the party leadership reunion.

He mentioned, as an example, that 7-8 years ago there were talks about regionalisation, a form of local administration that is not referred to in the fundamental law.

Asked if for PSD one of the priorities to modifying the Constitution is changing the form of Government from semi-presidential republic into a parliamentary republic, Grindeanu said: “There were no talks about this, not even for a second. There were talks about this committee, of the fact that Romania needs to resettle, from a constitutional standpoint as well. (…) We did not discuss about these limits (president’s constitutional attributes ed. n), but we did discuss about syncope in the Constitution, which we can all see, we all can see how often the Constitutional Court is asked about individual cases, how often we turn to lawyers to clarify certain aspects in the Constitution, that is why it is absolutely normal to have this discussion about the Constitution.”


Ciolacu: PSD-PNL negotiations to observe parliamentary proportion


National chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu said on Monday that at a meeting of the party leadership he would recommend the start of negotiations with the National Liberal Party (PNL) over the formation of a government and added that he knows no other negotiations than those according to parliamentary proportion.

Asked at the PSD headquarters what mandate he will entrust his colleagues in the National Political Council with, Ciolacu said: “Let’s start negotiations. Negotiations can only be according to parliamentary proportion. I have not heard of negotiations other than those according to proportions, (…) to the results of the general election, not opinion polls.”

Asked if there is money for increases in pensions and allowances that PSD intends to include in its governing agenda, Ciolacu said: “We have the budget implementation. I have seen the news myself and I thought I made myself clearly understood: increases are made against an approved budget. One of the priorities with PSD is these increases, and we will see how much is possible according to the budget, so that we do not fool the Romanians. Secondly, this year, these months, November and December, we will see them after we have the October budget implementation. For the time being, we only have the budget implementation in the ninth month.”

The PSD leader also said that Romania has reached a public debt, “incurred by the right-wing governments, PNL-USR [Save Romania Union],” of almost 50% and, under to the law, no increase is allowed for the time being.

Ciolacu said he had not spoken with President Klaus Iohannis.


Compiled from Agerpres



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