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May 22, 2022

Study CIEL Romania: 84% of the Romanian entrepreneurs are looking forward to Black Friday in order to save almost 7 times more

CIEL organizes the largest Black Friday with business software solutions, with a standard 65% discount on various software


Most Romanian entrepreneurs, over 80%, are waiting for Black Friday to save almost seven times more than on a normal day. They plan to make purchases of 100 euros on average in order to equip their companies with digitalization solutions, shows a study done by CIEL Romania, one of the most important manufacturers of business software.

About 84% of entrepreneurs say they prefer to purchase Black Friday software solutions due to much lower prices, digitalization being a priority for them, especially in this uncertain period caused by the pandemic, because it helps them streamline their activity and reduce expenses. In addition, almost 98% of entrepreneurs with small businesses are willing to make a Black Friday purchase, motivated by the fact that they can make substantial savings.

At the same time, 61% of companies plan to buy on average two software, 22% allocate budgets to purchase three software, and 17% have only one software on the list, according to the CIEL Romania study. The budget of entrepreneurs for Black Friday varies between 60 euros and 120 euros.

“For the Romanian entrepreneurs, Black Friday is a huge opportunity to make considerable savings, which is why at CIEL we have been organizing this discount campaign for 9 consecutive years. From our analysis it appears that most business owners want to purchase on this occasion online store management software, payroll software, accounting software or software for managing the production of various food or non-food products. Cloud solutions are also increasingly sought after due to the fact that they represent a secure technology for business and can be accessed from anywhere and from any device, phone, tablet or laptop”, says Roxana Epure, managing partner CIEL Romania.

CIEL Romania organizes the Black Friday campaign on November 12th, with a unique 65% discount on a series of softwares, being the largest campaign of this type for entrepreneurs. Black Friday prices start from 58 euros for software that automates repetitive tasks, and a cloud solution costs from 72 euros, including software update and technical support services.

Moreover, according to the CIEL Romania study, 92% of entrepreneurs want to have more Black Friday campaigns with IT or non-IT solutions, services or equipment for businesses, not only for individual customers. Almost all the respondents to the CIEL Romania study consider that, in addition to the considerable savings, the discounts practiced by Black Friday companies are real because the prices do not fluctuate or cannot be artificially increased before the campaign.

“Black Friday is the best time of the year for entrepreneurs, especially for those at the beginning of the road or for small businesses, for which every leu invested counts. The purchasing behavior of a company becomes very similar to the behavior of an individual. Also, for companies of any size technology is the fastest and most effective way to reduce expenses. By automating repetitive activities that consume a lot of time, not only will the productivity of the employees increase exponentially, but the operations in the company will be improved”, explains Roxana Epure, managing partner CIEL Romania.

The interest of entrepreneurs in discount campaigns is increasing from year to year, and for Black Friday 2021 CIEL Romania estimates sales 30% higher than in 2020.



About CIEL Romania


Founded in 1991, CIEL Romania, the developer of the first ERP with artificial intelligence, is one of the largest software producers for entrepreneurs and accountants, created through modern technologies and updated to date according to legislative and fiscal changes. Aimed at large and medium-sized companies, CIEL Romania software is mainly used in online retail, traditional retail, production, distribution, and services, to automate repetitive time-consuming activities and optimize business processes and forecasts. CIEL Romania has over 7,000 customers, with an average of 5 users per company.


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