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August 10, 2022

PNL: Negotiations with PSD to coagulate a majority to start on Tuesday with a clear roadmap

Liberals announce that the National Political Bureau, which had a statutory meeting on Monday evening, decided by an absolute majority of votes to start negotiations with PSD (Social Democratic Party) to coagulate a majority that “ensures Romania the stability it needs to overcome the political and health crises.”

“Staying in power is not an end in itself for the PNL, but a necessity for fulfilling all the objectives assumed in the governing programme. The negotiations will take place starting tomorrow [Tuesday], with a clear roadmap, related to the objectives in the governing programme of the PNL,” informed the Liberals on Monday evening.

PNL states that there are some principles this party will support that are not negotiable, namely the formation of a majority around the party, with a Liberal Prime Minister, the continuation of the PNRR (the National Recovery and Resilience Plan) – a national project undertaken by Romania and approved by the European Commission, ensuring Romania’s macroeconomic stability, observing the budget deficit trajectory, as assumed by the government before the EC, operating no increases in taxes, and maintaining the state as an honest partner of the business environment, continuing reforms on salaries, pensions, as well as the administrative reform, implementing reforms on justice and closing the CVM (Cooperation and Verification Mechanism), reforming the state and maintaining the European and Euro-Atlantic course and the Strategic Partnership with the USA.

The Liberals also say that any majority will have to observe the PNL’s partnership with President Klaus Iohannis.

“Also, PNL will present in these negotiations, our firm decision that any majority will have to respect the PNL partnership with President Klaus Iohannis. Respecting the partnership with the President of Romania is an absolutely necessary request for these discussions to have concrete results,” said the Liberals.


Ciolos: We move to opposition


Save Romania Union (USR) Chairman Dacian Ciolos announced, following the National Liberal Party (PNL) leadership’s decision to start negotiations with Social Democratic Party (PSD) to coagulate a majority, that the Save Romania Union moves to opposition and will work to implement National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) reforms.

“From this moment on, a new stage begins for USR. We are now moving into opposition to the old parties and fighting any form of extremism. We will be the largest opposition party and the only one that embraces democratic, genuinely liberal and European values. We will continue to work for the implementation of PNRR reforms. We will firmly sanction the slippage of the PNL-PSD government. We will use this period to reconnect with the people in the streets and to build our vision for a modern Romania,” the USR leader wrote on Facebook.

Ciolos added that he is outraged by the ease with which PNL chose to “betray” the hope of those who wanted a government for the modernization of the Romanian state together with USR.

In his opinion, in recent months the old parties “felt threatened by the new breath” that USR has brought to politics.

He stated that USR opposed the “old methods” of Romanian politics: “the preservation of privileges, the obstacles to modernization, the money distributed without criteria from the pen of a single man.”

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