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November 30, 2022

Constitution revision, tackled during negotiations for the formation of a new Government

UDMR’s Kelemen: We didn’t go into detail, but we established that it’s time to revise the Constitution

The chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), Kelemen Hunor (photo), stated, on Tuesday, that, during negotiations for the formation of a new Government, it was established that it is time for a constitutional reform, without going into detail.

“We didn’t go into detail, but we established that it’s time to revise the Constitution, to come with constitutional reforms. (…) We’ve militated for this form of parliamentary republic each time,” the UDMR leader declared, at the end of discussions that took place at the Palace of the Parliament.

“There is need for a revision of the Constitution, for a constitutional reform if we make such a consistent coalition, a coalition that would allow coming with a constitutional reform. And I said that among the amendments of the Constitution, what we have been supporting for 31 years, you can check at the Constitutional revision of 2003 and in 2013, 2014, we had proposals for a parliamentary republic. Surely, at this time, it’s important to clarify from this point of view what we want to do. We can also go towards a presidential republic and towards a parliamentary republic. I believe that after 31 years it’s not good to stay in this formula of neither this, nor that. So, it’s not even a semi-presidential republic, it’s a mix, it depends on the President, it depends on the ambition of the President, where the President leads and what direction the President pushes his/her activity. That’s why, I believe we should clarify. From our point of view, it’s healthier to go towards a form of parliamentary republic,” the UDMR leader explained.

According to him, the moment the President is chosen by Parliament, then mobilization in the legislative elections will be higher.

“Our Constitution, in fact, is very good, with small exceptions, but in what regards this form of semipresidential, it also means permanent interinstitutional political conflicts. If we want to stop, either we go towards a clean formula, towards a presidential system – as it is in the United States of America – or we go towards a form of parliamentary republic,” added Kelemen Hunor.


Ciolos: USR will make sure that Romania doesn’t descend into illiberalism following change of Constitution


The Save Romania Union (USR) will make sure that Romania does not skid on the slope of illiberalism following a potential amendment of the Constitution, and will see that state power isn’t seized by a “handful of people”, USR Chairman Dacian Ciolos declared on Tuesday.

“USR will make sure that Romania stays on a European path and that we don’t end up discussing Constitution changes that would take the country to an area of illiberalism. We see these days how easily agreements which are not always in the interest of the citizens are being made or broken in the Romanian Parliament, and USR will make sure that Romania does not skid on an illiberal slope, as it happened in Hungary and Poland, and that our country clearly stays on the pro-European track of the rule of law, of a balanced relationship of forces between state powers, and that the ruling power is not seized by a handful of people to use it as they please in their interest and against the interest of the citizens,” Ciolos told a press conference at the Palace of Parliament.

He also voiced his belief that Romania doesn’t need at this moment to “upset” the state’s balance of powers by the tentative introduction of the parliamentary republic system.

“We’ve seen in the past years what happened when a party like PSD, led by Liviu Dragnea, abused its power in Parliament. Imagine that a Parliament with a majority party headed by someone of Dragnea’s like also gets to appoint the President as it pleases,” Dacian Ciolos explained.


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