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August 8, 2022

PSD, PNL discuss measures for the immediate control of the pandemic

Social Democratic Party (PSD) MP Alexandru Rafila said on Thursday that several measures for the immediate control of the pandemic, including extended access to testing, were discussed during negotiations with the Liberals on health issues.

“We talked about some measures for the immediate control of the pandemic, which means: extended access to testing, we also estimated that we can probably set up well over 1,000 centers where testing can be carried out, the problem is also related to access to these tests, it is about providing outpatient medical care and preparing for a possible fifth wave, so that patients can go as close to home as possible for medical services and benefit from investigations; outpatient access to antiviral therapy and, obviously, the stimulation of domestic production of such products. We also discussed other measures related to the rapid evaluation of hospitals and the increase of safety, as much as possible, in intensive care units,” said Rafila at the Palace of Parliament.

He added that in 2020 there was an evaluation report in relation to the intensive care units, but this evaluation report was not followed by concrete measures, so that each ward can show a high degree of safety.

“Risks can never be ruled out, we are talking about the old infrastructure. I think that the training of staff is at least as important, because the hardest thing to change, in general, and maybe in Romania in particular, is habit. We need to learn to work according to procedures and avoid routine. (…) The pressure on hospitals can only be released if you enable outpatient assessment. Romania’s high mortality, including according to the findings of the World Health Organization experts, is due to the late diagnosis, the extremely late presentation to the doctor of patients, who often come with complicated forms and who can no longer be, from a therapeutic point of view, helped. And that needs to change. We want to encourage testing, to bring it closer to the people and to end this scaremongering presentation, trip to the hospital,” Rafila stated after the negotiations between PSD and PNL on the Health chapter of the future government program.


PSD deputy Rafila: All measures need clear timeframes, state of alert cannot be kept indefinitely


With Romania in a state of alert for 18 months now, all the measures to be taken, including the use of the COVID green certificate, must have well defined timeframes because they cannot be kept in place “indefinitely”, Social Democrat deputy Alexandru Rafila declared on Thursday.

“We have been in a state of alert for 18 months now. Throughout this period, the epidemiological situation has varied wildly, things in summer were very different from what is happening now. All these measures, the use of the green certificate included, must be very well defined in time because we cannot keep the state of alert state indefinitely – we must stop at some point, and when things return to normal we must instill into the population the habit to observe certain measures that don’t necessarily require regulation through the state of alert. The participatory contribution we proposed today was, in fact, the first topic of discussion, the participation in the decision-making process of representatives of either the private milieu or trade unions, because they are the ones who must support this process,” Rafila explained after the PSD – PNL round of negotiations on the Health chapter of the future governing program.

Asked if state-supported Covid testing for a period of two months would be a solution for the population to get used to the workplace Covid green pass, Rafila said: “This is a solution for just a limited period of time. This is happening or has happened in many EU countries. We found ourselves all of a sudden at the height of the pandemic, with extremely high pressure on the population, not just hospitals, and the threat of hasty action, including for medical workers who are essential for providing health care. This must stop, and discrimination must also stop, we must encourage testing. Of course, encouraging testing doesn’t mean that everyone can get tested indefinitely with an indefinite frequency. The number of tests will be clearly set,” said Rafila, who underscored that vaccination is the only solution to prevent a 5th wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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