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August 8, 2022

Executive Bureau of PNL proposes Ludovic Orban’s expulsion from the party. Former PNL chair: I am the victim of a demolition gang

The Executive Bureau of the PNL (National Liberal Party) on Friday decided to propose Ludovic Orban’s expulsion from the party.

The decision was taken by 31 votes cast in favour of the expulsion, two against and two null votes.

The Executive Bureau’s proposal will be next submitted to the National Council of PNL.


Orban on exclusion decision: I am the victim of a demolition gang


Former national leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban said on Friday that he was “honoured” by the party’s Executive Bureau’s proposal to have him excluded from party, adding that that proves that it has nothing to do with the “misfortunes” generated by Klaus Iohannis and the “demolition gang.”

“I am the victim of a demolition gang that made an absurd decision. Instead of them leaving the party leadership or excluding themselves for their misdeeds, they came up with my exclusion from PNL. Why am I saying that I am honoured? Because that clearly shows that I have absolutely nothing to do with all the misfortunes that have been caused by Iohannis and the demolition gang since June 1. It is is about throwing Romania into a crisis, leaving Romanians defenseless in times of health and economic crisis,” said Orban, according to Agerpres.


Photo: Facebook/Ludovic Orban

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