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May 20, 2022

ForMin Aurescu participates in the Foreign Affairs Council meeting

Romanian chief diplomat Bogdan Aurescu will participate on Monday, November 15, in the meeting of EU foreign ministers – the Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) – which will take place in Brussels and will focus on the situations of Belarus, Ethiopia, as well as on the Western Balkans and the developments in the Sahel region.

“During the meeting, the European foreign ministers will have debates on the situation in the Western Balkans and the developments in the Sahel region. Moreover, in the current aspects chapter, they will approach topics such as the situation in Belarus, Ethiopia, Sudan, Cyprus and the relations with Latin America,” a Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) release sent to AGERPRES on Sunday informs.

At the same time, on the sidelines of the FAC meeting, Minister Aurescu, alongside other counterpart from EU member states, will participate in an informal breakfast with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. Furthermore, the Romanian chief diplomat will participate in the ministerial meeting of the Eastern Partnership, with the EU foreign ministers and their counterparts from the format partner states – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, the release reads.

During the breakfast with the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Aurescu will voice the support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine and will encourage the Kiev authorities to maintain a sustained pace in the reform process, in accordance with the obligations assumed under the EU – Ukraine Association Agreement. Moreover, the Romanain foreign minister will present Romania’s evaluation on the security developments in the Eastern Neighbourhood, including those in the Black Sea region, the MAE release highlights.

Referring to the Western Balkans, the topic is approached in the continuation of the ministerial discussions carried out in the FAC meeting of May 2021. Minister Aurescu will stress the strategic relevance of maintaining the topic on the FAC agenda, from a geopolitical perspective and to identify concrete modalities of consolidating the EU commitment in the region. On this occasion, the head of the Romanian diplomacy will present an assessment of the situation in the region, from Romania’s standpoint, with a focus on the recent developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the MAE release reads.

The Sahel region is on the agenda in the context of the deterioration of the security situation in the area. The Romanian foreign minister will voice concern with the recent developments and will reiterate Romania’s firm commitment to contribute to the efforts aimed at Sahel’s stability and security, together with the European partners. The situation in Mali will also be approached in this context, the source shows.

The situation in Belarus will be discussed by the foreign ministers, with a focus on the recent developments having lead to the Lukashenko regime migration instrumentalization and the need for the EU to adopt some measures to firmly condemn this behaviour affecting EU member states. Thus, Minister Bogdan Aurescu will voice Romania’s solidarity with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, the EU states confronted with the increase in the number of migrants at the border with Belarus, and will support the fast adoption of additional sanctions against the Minsk regime.

In regards with the ministerial meeting of the Eastern Partnership, this will provide the opportunity of a comprehensive opinion exchange on the strategic vision and the concrete objectives which will guide the activity inside the Partnership, in the perspective of the Eastern Partnership Summit of December 15, 2021. On this occasion, Aurescu will underscore the importance of promoting a strategic vision for the Eastern Partnership, taking into account the challenges the partner states in the Eastern Neighbourhood must respond to. Moreover, the Romanian chief diplomat will plead for the continuation, in a sustained pace, of the agenda of reforms in the states in the region and will endorse a more ambitious approach in respect to the future priorities and objectives of the Eastern Partnership, including by deepening the sectoral cooperation with the three associated states (the Republic of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine) and by recognising and supporting their European integration aspirations.

The Romanian foreign minister will also voice in favour of developing cooperation on the security dimension within the Eastern Partnership, consolidating the partners’ resilience to hybrid threats, as well as a more efficient involvement of the EU in regulating the protracted conflicts in its Eastern Neighbourhood – a topic included on the FAC meeting agenda, upon the initiative of the Romanian foreign minister, the MAE also informs.


Via Agerpres

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