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August 18, 2022

Fundația Comunitară București, will be focusing in 2022 on financing environmental projects, on seismic risk, on education and belonging

FCB has invested 3 million euros in 600 projects since the organization was founded in 2011


Fundatia Comunitara Bucuresti (FCB), an organization that finances projects for Bucharest, will be focusing in 2022 on environmental projects, seismic risk, education and on developing a sense of belonging to the city. FCB celebrates ten years of activity, during which time it has invested 3 million euros in approximately 600 projects.

Fundația Comunitară Bucuresti builds funds and events, together with companies and individual donors, to finance projects for Bucharest. The foundation believes the city is the place where one is happy to live, where people care about each other and everyone cares about the city. In this sense, FCB supports, with resources, consultancy, and recognition, the people who take the initiative and produce positive changes so that their actions have a greater impact and form a community of support for Bucharest.

“Now, as a new decade in the foundation’s life begins, we believe that we need to do more if we really want to transform Bucharest. Studies show that for social change to happen, 25% of a community’s population must want it. In the areas where we aim to have a significant impact (environment, education, seismic risk, belonging – developing a sense of belonging to this city), it will be important to consciously reach large numbers. With the Buurestiul Pregatit/Bucharest Ready program, we want more people in Bucharest to know what to do in case of an earthquake. With the Platforma de mediu pentru București / The Environmental Platform for Bucharest, together with the public administration, civil society and businesses in the city, we want to take clear steps for a common vision on the environment. This is the bet of the Bucharest Community Foundation for the next decade: More. Together “, says Alina Kasprovschi, Executive Director of Fundația Comunitară Bucuresti.


Some of the projects supported by FCB within its first 10 years of operation


Swimathon București  Swimathon Bucharest is today, the largest fundraising sports event in Romania, where people are invited to swim or to support swimmers with donations, for various projects in Bucharest. The first edition of Swimathon took place nine years ago, and, along the way, approximately 28,000 swimmers raised over 850,000 euros through their social network.

Bucureștiul Pregătit/Bucharest is ready: Bucharest is the capital with the highest seismic risk in Europe. FCB has already started preparing the city to have rescue mechanisms in place when the earthquake comes. So far, the program has funded with 300,000 euros projects training rescue dogs, program building communication networks that will not be decommissioned in the event of an earthquake, as well as projects preparing citizens for such a situation. FCB has raised the issue of seismic risk on the public agenda and is now collaborating with the authorities on this issue.

Platforma de mediu pentru București/The Environmental Platform for Bucharest: Numerous statistics indicate Bucharest is one of the most polluted cities in the European Union. In addition, it ranks second in terms of the social costs of pollution, including premature death. To achieve a real impact in terms of the environment in Bucharest, in 2021 FCB, supported by ING Romania, began the development of a collaborative platform, which brings together the most important voices in the field (administration, companies and civil society) for them to cooperate for a functional vision of a green Bucharest.

Bucharest powered by people is aimed at people who run small organizations or initiative groups so that they can develop their skills, attitudes, and values, strategic thinking, communication or fundraising skills. The program forms a network of community leaders for Bucharest. In two editions, 24 people from 22 organizations and initiative groups participated in workshops and meetings with specialists, in events that brought them together to be inspired and look for possible solutions to the problems on their agenda. 13 of the participants also received a grant to develop a challenge of their choice, individually or in a team.



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