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August 14, 2022

PNL’s Citu: We have taken another important step to complete governing program; more discussions tomorrow

The National Liberal Party (PNL) chairman, Florin Citu, declared that another “important” step has been taken regarding the future government program, and the talks with Social Democratic Party (PSD), Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) and the representatives of the minorities will continue on Wednesday.

“We had two discussions today. The first was about the green certificate. We are trying to find a solution to unblock the situation. We can stay with this provision to pay from the budget for a certain period. Today or tomorrow there will be the final variant. (…) It was my bill that I see it has now been amended in the Romanian Parliament and I said 45 days, but let’s see if it stays that way,” Citu said at the Palace of Parliament, after the negotiations with the representatives of PSD, UDMR and of national minorities.

He specified that he did not discuss with PSD for the withdrawal of this amendment.

According to the PNL leader, they are also trying to find solutions regarding the income increases.

“The measure with which the social democrats initially came, they also said, is not a secret, it means 11 billion more in the budget, but a deficit of 17 billion lei in the budget. (…) We are in a good direction. And everyone is trying to find solutions,” the interim prime minister explained.

He stressed that he did not talk about negotiations on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). “I did not say that the PNRR should be negotiated. And I said very clearly that if there can be an open door in the PNRR and in Brussels, we can look after that,” the PNL chairman said.

According to him, there have been several discussions regarding Justice.

“Justice has been discussed very little. We are waiting for the text. Things are clear there. We all agree that we want to respect the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM), to eliminate these requirements, but we are waiting for the text from the legal specialists,” Citu said.

Asked if the abolition of the Criminal Investigation Section would be explicitly provided for, he replied: “I think so.”


 Liberals’ mandate is to form Government around PNL


Citu said on Tuesday, before negotiations with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), that the option of a prime minister from PSD was not discussed, pointing out that the Liberals have decided to form a government around PNL.

Asked if the Liberals would be willing to accept a PSD prime minister, either Marcel Ciolacu or Sorin Grindeanu, he replied: “We have not discussed such a thing. (…) PNL does not set such preconditions. We are talking about principles. We are the only party that does not impose such preconditions, and I see that the other parties have all sorts of preconditions, which shows me that they do not, in fact, want to govern given that they come up with such preconditions. USR [Save Romania Union] is recommending its party national chairman, PSD its national leader. Somehow, when it comes to PNL, everyone must have an opinion about PNL; the choice will be up to the statutory forums of PNL to make,” said Citu at the Parliament House.

He said that if PSD comes up with the proposal of Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, it is the choice of the Social Democrats, not the Liberals.

“It is not our proposal if it is the proposal of PSD,” the PNL national chairman explained.

Citu added that the Liberal mandate is to form a government around PNL.

“It is not an idea. It is a mandate that the negotiating team has today in the negotiations with PSD – a majority around PNL. Any other change must be voted in the statutory forums of PNL. (…) Let’s agree on the governing agenda first. It doesn’t make sense to move on before we agree on the governing agenda. It is very important to us to have such governing agenda approved, and then we can move on. We will not reach PM talks without a governing agenda first.”

According to Citu, the meeting on Monday evening with leaders of PSD and UDMR reached no conclusions, and the rotation of prime ministers was not discussed.

He said that Nicolae Ciuca was voted by the PNL leadership as prime minister for a minority PNL-UDMR government, which did not clear Parliament.

Asked if that decision is still valid, Citu answered: “It could be another proposal. Why stop here? If there are other proposals inside PNL, there may be other proposals; eventually we will see how talks are. At the moment, we only have one decision to form a government around the PNL.”

The governing agenda will be discussed by the party’s Executive Bureau at a meeting  scheduled Tuesday evening.


PM Citu: We won’t go to Cotroceni with two PM proposals, one for each party


Florin Citu also said on Tuesday, after negotiations with PSD (Social Democratic Party) representatives, that the two parties should propose a single option of prime minister.

“Together with those from PSD we have to find this option and go together. This coalition must go to the President with only one proposal of prime minister. (…) It is about the coalition, it is a prime minister of the coalition. PNL will not go with a prime minister to Cotroceni. (…) This is the solution we will go with. We will not go with two options for prime minister, one for every party,” he showed, in a press statement held at the Palace of the Parliament.


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