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August 13, 2022

Programmers can assess for free their IT skills with the Codecool test

Codecool is helping junior programmers eager to join the job market with a free test to assess their programming skills.

The test assesses the level of technical knowledge that users have accumulated during training courses, college or even through individual study and how they apply it. The evaluation of the answers is a personalized one in which the school mentors are involved in order to identify the strengths but also the weaknesses in the training of the programmers. Codecool aims to test over 1000 people and turn the data obtained into a report on the skill set of junior programmers in Romania but also the shortcomings in their training. Developers who discover certain gaps in training can begin an accelerated process towards a career in IT by following the new modular courses, which come with the guarantee of a job.


We invite junior programmers, those who are at the beginning of the career road, to evaluate their skills using this tool from Codecool. It is a resource that we offer free of charge to any programmer who wants to know where he is positioning himself on the path to the desired career in IT and is ready to start an accelerated process towards his first job.

 We aim to test around 1000 people to develop a report that presents the characteristics of the IT workforce – the set of skills but also the shortcomings in the training of junior programmers. ” – said Claudia Tamași, Country Manager Codecool Romania.

In a sector as dynamic and competitive as IT, the training of those aspiring to a career in IT needs to keep up with the times and be constantly connected to the needs of employers.

A graduate degree from a faculty or profile courses does not necessarily mean a job guarantee, unless it is accompanied by a solid set of tech and software skills and knowledge, which the graduate can easily put into practice. Another Codecool study reveals that 52% of employers do not consider a college degree in IT a mandatory requirement for recruiting a programmer.


What the test entails


Registrations are made on the Codecool website, and the technical skills assessment test consists of a series of 27 key questions, 2 of which involve writing code. The questions are selected by the mentors of the Codecool programming school, specialists with 10-15 years of experience in the IT field – Adam Altăr (mentor from Bucharest) and Iulia Iacob (Head of Mentors).

The questions included in the test aim to identify how prepared programmers are to successfully take on the duties of a job in the IT field. The evaluation is a personalized one and the school mentors analyze the answers provided by each user to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their training.

The test is the first step and indicates to programmers the level of technical knowledge – further, the modular courses offer them the opportunity to integrate in the right place in the course of the Full Stack Developer Advanced course to achieve the ultimate goal in the shortest time – getting a job as a junior programmer. Which Codecool guarantees to graduates who pass the final exams.


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