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August 8, 2022

Nicolae Ciuca, proposed by PNL Executive Bureau for prime minister office. Ciolacu: At the moment, PSD has a proposal for prime minister

The Executive Bureau (BEx) of the National Liberal Party (PNL) has unanimously decided on Thursday to propose the acting Defence Minister Nicolae Ciuca for the prime minister office, according to some Liberal sources.

The PNL BEx had approved on Tuesday the proposal on the rotating premiership in the ruling coalition, on condition that the first PM were Liberal.


Rares Bogdan: PNL providing PM, only option to continue talks with PSD


National Liberal Party (PNL) First Deputy Chairman Rares Bogdan said on Thursday that PNL providing the PM is the only option for Liberals to continue talks with the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

“The only option for us, if we are to continue talks with PSD, is for the first prime minister to be a Liberal. That’s a red line. You will find out the prime minister today, after which we will continue talks, from 16:00hrs with PSD , for the finalisation of the last 2% of the governing agenda, the one related to Justice and the one related to taxology, finances and we have still little to discuss labour percentages,” Bogdan said at the PNL headquarters.

He added that Romania has “a lot of work to do.”

“I’m glad that Thierry Breton – EU commissioner for the internal market – was here today and he came with an extremely clear signal. We have a lot of work to do. Italy has to spend 200 billion under its national recovery and resilience plan. Romania has 30 billion; let’s get to work! I will propose, immediately after we have the official prime ministerial pick, that we should stop sleeping and finish. I really like Eugen Ionesco, I adored him, along with Eliade and Cioran, but I don’t want to play absurdist play. It’s over! I want a government,” Bogdan said


Flutur: Nicolae Ciuca is our PM proposal; proposal has been made by leader Citu


PNL (National Liberal Party) first vice chairman Gheorghe Flutur on Thursday informed that the Executive Bureau of this party has unanimously approved that the Liberals’ proposal for the position of prime minister be Nicolae Ciuca, this proposal coming from the party leader, Florin Citu.

“The Executive Bureau of the PNL, at the proposal of the party leader, has unanimously voted Mr. Nicolae Ciuca candidate for prime minister. The proposal came from the party leader,” Flutur said at the PNL headquarters.

He specified that the Executive Bureau has also voted for Nicolae Ciuca to be the head of the PNL delegation in the negotiations with PSD (Social Democratic Party) and UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania).

“There has been another proposal that the head of the delegation to conduct the negotiations for building this government be Nicolae Ciuca, the one who is our candidate prime minister,” Flutur added.


Ciolacu: At the moment, PSD has a proposal for prime minister


Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman, Marcel Ciolacu, reiterated, on Thursday, that the social democrats currently have a proposal for prime minister, in the context in which the liberals announced that the National Liberal Party (PNL)’s proposal for the position of prime minister is Nicolae Ciuca.

“At this moment, PSD has a proposal for prime minister. We are going to negotiations at 16.00 with those from PNL,” said Ciolacu, at the PSD headquarters.

Asked if PSD could change its decision and accept Ciuca as prime minister, a proposal from the three political parties that will form a governing coalition, Ciolacu said: “At this moment I understand that PNL has another proposal for rotation. (…) Nicolae Ciuca is the PNL proposal.”

When asked if he has had an agreement with President Klaus Iohannis regarding Nicolae Ciuca for two months, the PSD leader said: “God forbid! I didn’t even talk to Mr. Iohannis. Do you think that if I had an agreement with the president we would have stayed in this political crisis for two months? I find it aberrant.”


Compiled from Agerpres

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