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August 18, 2022

President Iohannis holds consultations with parliamentary parties to nominate candidate for PM office. PNL-PSD-UDMR will go to Cotroceni Palace with a single proposal for PM

President Klaus Iohannis will hold consultations with parliamentary parties and groups at the Cotroceni Palace on Monday in order to nominate the candidate for prime minister, the Presidential Administration informed on Friday.

The head of state will hold consultations, starting with 12.00 pm, with the National Liberal Party (PNL), the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania (UDMR), also starting with 12.30 with the Save Romania Union (USR), at 1.00 pm he will receive the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (USR) and at 1.30 pm the parliamentary group of national minorities.

On November 4, the President announced that he would call the parties to consultations for the creation of the Government when a parliamentary majority crystallized. “I will wait with the formal consultations until the moment when the party discussions will lead to the crystallization of a majority assumed by those parties that will want to propose a Government. Only when this majority is assumed I will convene consultations for the creation of the new Government,” said Klaus Iohannis.

On Sunday, after a new round of negotiations between the representatives of PNL – PSD – UDMR and minorities, it was agreed that these parties should go to Cotroceni for consultations with a single proposal for prime minister.


Ciolacu: PSD to name ministerial picks after talks with President Iohannis


National chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu said on Monday that after consultations at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace with President Klaus Iohannis the Social Democrats will have another meeting where the future ministers will be selected.

Asked, before the meeting of the PSD National Political Council if the ministers-to-be will be selected at this meeting, Ciolacu said: “After the consultations at Cotroceni, we will have another meeting where we will talk about the ministers.”

He added that an alliance protocol could be concluded on Monday and the new chairs of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate elected on Tuesday.

Ciolacu said the meeting of the National Political Council he will propose both options, with PSD holding the premiership and PNL holding it, and unveil the party’s preconditions in both instances while presenting the negotiations that took place, and his colleagues will pick the final formula.

Marcel Ciolacu announced earlier that the political structure of the future government was finalized in the Sunday’s negotiations for creating a governing coalition,  claiming that Romania will have a new Cabinet on Thursday.

“At this point, we have completed the entire political structure of the government. (…) PSD goes with the two options [to the meeting of the party leadership – editor’s note] and we will see on Monday which will be the winning one, the one who my colleagues will vote for. (…) This means that there will be negotiations. And then we will see how we close this affair in an hour or two before going to Cotroceni. (…) On Thursday, Romania will have a new government,” Ciolacu stated on Sunday, at the Parliament Palace, at the end of the negotiations.

According to the PSD leader, after Sunday’s talks, “things have become uniform” while considering both options – with a PSD prime minister and with a PNL (National Liberal Party) prime minister.

Asked if pensions over 4,000 lei will be taxed, Ciolacu said: “Nothing will be taxed. There are some exceptions in the Fiscal Code. We will see when the budget is made if it is sustainable and it is necessary to remove this exception from the Fiscal Code or not.”

Ciolacu also mentioned that this  week, most likely, the matter of the two presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate will also be decided.


UDMR’s Kelemen: We’ve got Government structure ready, with two newly established ministries


The government will have two new ministries – one in the economic area, for tourism and entrepreneurship, and one in the social area, for family and youth, UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania) chair Kelemen Hunor said on Sunday.

“Tomorrow we will go to consultations with the president, at 12.00 pm, with a governing programme, a structure of the government with two newly established ministries, and we have a political agreement for the functioning of the coalition. So everything is ready: the majority, governing programme, government structure, to have a government starting on Thursday,” said Kelemen Hunor, at the end of a new round of negotiations for the composition of the Executive.

He explained that the Ministry of Family and Youth will be set up given the demographic problems facing Romania, for which effective public policies must be found.

“Young people asked to be expelled from Sports because they thought it was better that way and we accepted this and, anyway, if we are talking about supporting families, then young people enter there rather than Sports. We have demographic problems that need to be addressed. We need to find effective public policies that give long-term results, not from one year to the next, and that is why we have supported a Ministry of the Family, because otherwise, you have no way to solve the problem of demography, you have no way to even try to solve it, because in 30 years what has been done has not borne fruit. Therefore, I am glad that this ministry is being set up,” the UDMR leader said.

Kelemen Hunor said PNL, PSD, UDMR and the minorities group will go together, on Monday, to the consultations at Cotroceni Palace, with a single proposal for prime minister.


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