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February 2, 2023

More than 9 million COVID-19 certificates issued in Romania until now

Secretary of State with the Ministry of Health Andrei Baciu announced on Tuesday that more than 9 million COVID-19 certificates have been issued in Romania so far.

“So far, 9,031,038 certificates have been issued. Most of them, 91.8pct, are COVID-19 certificates attesting to vaccination,” Andrei Baciu told a press conference.

Regarding the vaccination activity, Baciu stated that there are more than 650 companies that have carried out such activities.

“There are 658 companies that have carried out such activities, of which 96 operate in the HORECA field, with 45 companies doing this at present. People can also get vaccinated in different atypical locations: fairs, markets, car parks. until now, there have been 197,388 people who got vaccinated through such approaches, in such locations,” the Secretary of State said.

So far, over 16 transport missions have been organized in which over 50,550 people from the Ministry of Interior and more than 14,525 people from the Ministry of National Defence have been involved.

Regarding the vaccine stocks, he said that Romania has so far received over 27 million doses, the vast majority being from Pfizer.

“Regarding the vaccine stocks we currently have, Romania has received 27,644,899 doses of vaccine. Of these, 17,672,999 are vaccines produced by Pfizer-BioNTech, 3,182,400 are vaccines produced by Moderna 3,374,000 are produced by AstraZeneca, and 3,415,500 are vaccines produced by Johnson&Johnson,” said Andrei Baciu.


Valeriu Gheorghita: 45 offices in health units, 135 in vaccination centers for group of 6-11 years


The head of National COVID Vaccination Coordination Committee (CNCAV) Valeriu Gheorghita announced on Tuesday that for the anti-COVID immunization of children between 5 and 11 years old some 45 vaccination offices were identified in health units and another 135 in the centers where the Pfizer vaccine is used.

He said there was confirmation that the European Medicines Agency would make the authorization recommendation on November 25 and probably on November 26 would authorize the Pfizer vaccine to be given to the 5-11 age group.


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