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November 30, 2021

PM-designate Ciuca: Romania deserves a stronger profile in the world

Prime Minister-designate Nicolae Ciuca says Romania deserves a “stronger profile” in Europe and the world, and overcoming the “critical situation” will be possible only through “dedication, willingness to work and solidarity.”

“I have received from the President of Romania the responsibility to form a governing team that will be submitted to Parliament for approval. The political entities, the ones who want us to overcome as soon as possible the multiple crises that are very trying to Romania, have the chance to take up this responsibility in the coming days. I can assure you that, once we receive the vote of the fundamental institution of democracy, we will get to work from the word go,” Ciuca wrote on Tuesday on Facebook.

He gave assurances that all efforts would be made for stability and “the prospects for a better life.”

“We have no time to lose! Overcoming the critical situation will only be possible through dedication, willingness to work and solidarity. Romania deserves a stronger profile in Europe and in the world, because we are a people of many qualities. We have a lot to do together, and we will make every effort to ensure stability and the prospects for a better life.”

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