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March 30, 2023

Vestra reports at the end of Q3 a turnover of over 14 million euros and forecasts a cumulative increase in sales of 15% by the end of the year

Vestra, the first cluster specialized in the utilities and automation equipment industry, ended the third quarter of 2021 with a turnover of 14.6 million euros. The company expects a cumulative increase in sales of 15% by the end of the year and a turnover of 24 million euros.

The constant evolution and the positive results obtained, given the totally special conditions generated by the pandemic, are primarily due to the extensive expertise that Vestra has in the field of utilities and automation equipment. Another factor that contributes to the development of the company is the business strategy oriented towards providing SMART solutions, which contributes to the efficiency of resource consumption, to the sustainable development of the business environment and the environment.

Due to the solid partnerships with the suppliers that bring added value to the business, but also to the goods and services distributed at the market level, the client portfolio increased by 15% compared to the previous year. Thus, only in the third quarter, the financial results show a turnover of 6 million euros, which consolidates the growth forecast for 2021.

 “Despite the difficult moments we encountered this year and the general feeling of uncertainty that dominates the economic environment, the balance recorded at the end of the third quarter brought satisfactory results for Vestra. By the end of this year, we expect a 15% increase in turnover, and for 2022 we look with optimism, but also with caution to future investments in areas related to our activity.

Even if the pandemic did not affect us in terms of projected figures, we were still affected from the perspective of human interaction, “said Vlad Iftime, Managing Partner Vestra.

Development activity remains one of the key factors for Vestra. In the last year, the cluster has developed the Truix brand, which helps communities become economically competitive, offering solutions such as Smart City, Cyber ​​Security, installation, configuration and administration of IT networks. Moreover, Vestra continues to invest in related activities and announces its involvement in an aviation project for the business environment, which will facilitate transport in the country, given the lack of road infrastructure.

The company is currently carrying out projects that focus on public utilities and smart metering through SMART-type communications while helping to protect the environment from the impact of climate change. With the help of partners, world market leaders, Vestra has managed to offer customers the most efficient solutions to control water loss or unnecessary electricity consumption.

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