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February 9, 2023

Amber and UNArte: The experts of the Romanian gaming studio teach students 3D creative techniques

Starting this autumn, students at the Faculty of Fine Arts within UNArte, will take courses dedicated to 3D digital technology, taught by specialists from Amber, the largest independent video game developer studio in Romania.

The 3D creation techniques course is addressed to students from the Painting, Sculpture and Graphics Departments from the first year, where the course is currently optional, and for the master’s cycle, where two courses are mandatory and one optional. Students will be introduced to basic notions such as navigation, interface, level art, after which they will experience working with UV, texturing, lighting and rendering.

Course structure:

Introduction to 3D art – General modeling conventions – Types of modeling (box / primitive modeling, subd. modeling, nurbs, sculpture, modular modeling-kitbash);

Introduction to blender modeling – Navigation, interface, customization, basic modeling – UVs and Texturing – Lighting and Rendering;

Modeling by asset typologies – Hard Surface vs. Organic / Sculpture – Environment Art – Character Art.

At the end of the course, students will know what techniques they can apply depending on the theme of the project: creating a landscape or a character or making a prop.

“The partnership with Amber comes at a favorable time, in line with our desire for these courses to gain a greater share in our department in order to offer students opportunities for new ways of expression, to develop an artistic career. We hope that through these partnerships, the National University of Arts in Bucharest will play an important role in a new field that makes its presence felt in everyday life.”, said Lector. Univ. dr. Ovidiu Croitoru, Director of the Graphic Arts Department.

“Amber’s collaboration with UNArte provides another natural step that the studio is taking in its mission to provide digital know-how to young generations who want to make an impact in local creative industries. At the end of the course, in addition to knowing a 3D program, we want students to better meet the needs and expectations of these industries, which are always looking for talent. They will be able to easily build scenographic projects, design a product design or work in projects in the digital industry, implicitly in the video game development industry.”, said Mihai Pohonțu, Chairman at Amber.

The mentors of the 3D courses are Vlad Ionescu, Marian Poiană and Valentin Leonida.

Vlad Ionescu graduated from the Game Design course at the University of Huddersfield, UK, worked for 7 years in various projects for video games, film, commercials and animation, the last 2 years focusing on VR and virtual production. He is currently working on Amber as a tech artist on the Amber Avatar project.

Marian Poiană graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts within UNArte in the Painting department, worked for 21 years in classical animation, gaming, film and is the author of two 3D animation films, the last creation participating in the specialized festival in October of this year. In 2019, he took over a team of 16 artists in Amber Bucharest, now leading from the role of Head of Art Romania, a group of 61 artists covering all the disciplines necessary to create digital art.

Valentin Leonida graduated from the Academy of Decorative Arts and Design, worked for 10 years at Ubisoft in various positions, from UI to level art. After several years spent in advertising, architecture and video games, he found his place in Amber working in the management team on the position of Guild Lead.



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