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March 30, 2023

Pehart Grup is considering the possibility of producing green hydrogen as an alternative energy source

To reduce CO2 emissions, Pehart, the largest converter of paper products for household and industrial use in Romania, conducts a pre-feasibility study for the installation of a photovoltaic park and the production of green hydrogen by electrolysis.

Romanian company Pehart, one of the main producers of industrial paper rolls in South-Eastern Europe, also wants to create facilities for the storage of the produced green hydrogen, as well as its use as fuel in a cogeneration plant, mixed with natural gas.


Discussions on reducing carbon emissions to protect the future of the planet are a priority on the agenda of most governments in the world. With the stated goal of reducing the carbon footprint by using technologies that protect the environment, Pehart Grup is one of the first Romanian companies that wants to take important steps in the production of green hydrogen for industrial use.

The largest converter of paper products for domestic and industrial use in Romania, Pehart Grup conducts a pre-feasibility study to analyse the implementation of hydrogen-based energy technologies. The paper producer for domestic and industrial use has already signed a contract with the researchers from ICSI Energy Râmnicu Vâlcea, specialized in the implementation, development, and popularization within Romania of the energy technologies based on hydrogen. Pehart Grup aims to:


Install a photovoltaic park for the production of green energy


Install an electrolyser to use the energy produced by the photovoltaic park for the production of green hydrogen


Create storage for the produced hydrogen


Mix hydrogen with natural gas and use it in a cogeneration plant, which will also include carbon capture solutions.

“Pehart has long been concerned with reducing carbon emissions through the use of environmentally friendly technologies,” said Gabriel Stanciu, General Manager of Pehart Group. “Every year we sought to evolve from this point of view, to be up to date with everything that is new in the field and to find solutions that would help as much as possible to reduce the carbon footprint. The fact that we are now conducting pre-feasibility studies for the production of green hydrogen for industrial use is in line with these concerns. We are convinced that hydrogen-based energy technologies represent the future and not just in this industry, but for everyone. And even if now the production of green hydrogen is not widely used in Romania, we believe that it can develop in the coming years. This is an important trend in Europe, which we want to follow “, says the General Manager of Pehart.

Pehart company annually produces 100,000 tons of tissue paper in its two factories in Petrești-Sebeș (Alba County), and in Dej (Cluj County), and has a finished products processing capacity of over 75,000 tons. 70% of the entire quantity of household and industrial products is sold in Romania, and the company ensures the production for a large part of the own brand products of the retail chains. Pehart Grup is present with household and industrial products in 18 countries in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe and owns Pufina, Alint and Altessa brands, but also produces jumbo rolls, large paper rolls, for industrial customers and for own consumption.


About Pehart Grup – With almost 185-year tradition, Pehart Group is one of the largest paper producers in Southeast Europe. The company that started as an entrepreneurial business is present with its household and industrial products in 18 central, eastern, and southern European countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Moldavia Republic, Germany).

Pufina, one of the most popular brands, Alint and Alttesa are part of Pehart portfolio. The company also produces jumbo rolls, huge paper rolls used in the process of conversion into paper products for household and industrial use.

Pehart Group is defined by continuous evolution, efficiency, respect for the resources of the planet and the people who build their story every day. The company continuously optimizes its products and services by creating a sustainable environment for a renewable future. Respect for the latest environmental regulations through resource traceability, efficient production and use of materials, and a safe, pleasant working environment for the team and partners are Pehart Group values, as well as encouraging initiative and enterprise within the company.

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