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March 30, 2023

PM Ciuca hands over Defence Minister mandate to Vasile Dincu: I amleaving from my second family. Dincu: My tenure will be under the sign of continuity

On Friday, at the ceremony where Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca handed over the mandate of Minister of Defence to Vasile Dincu, he stated that the moment marked his separation from his “second family.”


“Today I am leaving the institution that has been the second family for me and for all those who are here in the hall today. And I think that not only me, each of you can say that you’ve spent more and more time inside this family than with families at home,” the head of government confessed.

He talked about the importance of people. “I can tell you that I have always had people in mind, because the technique can be acquired, it can be prepared, it can be kept operational, but this does not happen by itself, it happens through effort, through professionalism, through the dedication of the people, through their enthusiasm,” Ciuca also mentioned.

The PM said that the military who were placed in “reserve” remain military for their entire life.

“When we speak about the people in uniform, who choose the uniform from an early age, at 14, who choose to wear it by going to the military high school, and until they have to leave that uniform aside as they are being placed in reserve, those people will always remain military. They will remain military all their lives and they know that whenever they are called they will answer “present” to the country that calls them,” said Ciuca.

Moreover, the PM talked about the importance of military education and acquisitions in the Defence field. “We needed and we need to modernize the equipment and techniques in order for our capabilities to be aligned with the level of ambition of our country to increase its defence capacity (…): Basically, what we achieved through that agreement of all political parties to earmark 2pct to Defence is not just an answer to a decision of the Alliance, but it’s basically a decision that comes in support of our need to strengthen our country’s defence capacity,” said Nicolae Ciuca.


DefMin Dincu: The Romanian Army, the most advanced modernity component in our society


Defence Minister Vasile Dancu says that the Romanian Army is “the most advanced component of modernity” in the Romanian society because of the country’s NATO membership.

“At the moment, the Romanian Army is the most advanced component of modernity in our society. To a large extent, the fact that we are members of NATO has helped the Romanian army to walk ahead of society,” Dincu said on Friday morning upon taking over the defence portfolio in the newly voted in Ciuca Cabinet.

He added that his ministerial tenure will be under the sign of continuity.

“My tenure will be under the sign of continuity, because I will have to carry on the ongoing great projects of the Romanian Army, and I know that’s no easy task,” added Dincu.

He said that “we will have to participate in a project that entails Romania’s resilience.” “Romania’s resilience means Romania’s ability to adapt to unforeseen situations, to have a natural adaptation capacity,” he added.

Dincu said that he will pay special attention to the quality of life of the military personnel. “I am very interested in people (…) they are the most important capital. Technology is important, but people come first. I will be interested in the quality of life and the standard of living of people,” the minister said.

Dincu spoke of “a loyal partnership.” “What I understand is that I will have to be the link between civilians and the military in a society. I want to make a loyal partnership, in which I will try to be the best interface with political society, with the civil society in general, with Parliament and at the same time to be able to defend the Army, as the Army defends us.”

He also mentioned defence acquisitions. “In a situation like the current one, we need acquisitions at the highest level,” Dincu said, according to Agerpres.

He called the partnerships inside NATO “a level of civilisation, a modern family based on values, not just commitments and treaties.”


Photo: Laurentiu Turoi, www.mapn.ro

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