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June 28, 2022

PM Ciuca on Romania’s National Day: Greater Union, a lesson about perseverance and cohesion

In his message on Romania National Day, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca states that the Greater Union is the most beautiful page in the country’s history and represents “a lesson about perseverance and cohesion, which is very useful and necessary now”.

The head of the government notes that the Greater Union was accomplished after a long string of battles and “countless human and material sacrifices”.

“December 1, 1918 will remain forever in the history of the Romanian people as the day of the triumph of the national ideal: unity. Set forth for the first time during the 1848 Revolution and only partially accomplished in 1859, the Greater Union came after a long string of battles, after countless human and material sacrifices. The Greater Union was the result of the exercise of the right to self-determination expressed in Chisinau, Cernauti and Alba Iulia, when the decision to unite Basarabia, Bucovina and Transylvania with Romania was democratically taken. The Greater Union is the victorious crowning of the Romanians’ will and remains the most beautiful page in the history of Romania. A lesson about perseverance and cohesion, which is very useful and necessary for us now. Only through a joint effort will we be able to overcome the difficult period we are going through,” Nicolae Ciuca states in his message.

The Prime Minister also refers to the crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, crediting the Romanians for being this year’s heroes who fought the virus “day by day”.

“I am confident that we will be able to get through these difficulties together and I trust the Romanians’ courage and faith as unity remains one of the priceless values of our nation, inspiring and motivating us to move forward. To me, the heroes of this year are the Romanians who, despite the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the sufferings, have worked and stood in solidarity, made sacrifices and put in daily efforts in this hard fight against the virus. My special thanks go also to all the medical staff who battled in the front line to save lives and limit the effects of the pandemic.

But let us never forget the sacrifices of our forefathers whom we honor with respect and care for absolutely all Romanians and for all the historical regions of Romania. We honor our past with the hope that the lessons of history are an example for each of us to fight for a better and more prosperous future,” Nicolae Ciuca notes.

He concludes by expressing his confidence that Romania will emerge well from the hardships it faces.

“On our National Day, on December 1, at the start of the ceremonies, I am calling an all those who feel and live Romanian to give a minute’s thought, together, to the heroes of the Romanian nation who sacrificed themselves for the Greater Union. A minute in which we can all find ourselves, no matter where we are, regardless of our occasional or political options.

I am confident that we will overcome these difficult trials, as we look today, more than a century after the Union of all Romanians, at this extraordinary achievement of our forefathers. Through their determination, unity and sacrifices, they gave meaning to their life then and to our future today,” is the Prime Minister’s message.


Source: Agerpres

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