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July 2, 2022

President Iohannis: Romania’s National Day celebration marked by suffering, vaccination is the only way to stop pandemic

In his address on Romania National Day, President Klaus Iohannis said that today’s celebration is marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and stressed that vaccination is the only way to end the pandemic.

“December 1 is about how a national ideal dreamed of by generations became reality in 1918. December 1 is about solidarity, about cohesion around common goals, about remembering all the successes and sacrifices that made this possible. But December 1 is also a reminder of the many difficulties that have marked our history, of the times when all hope seemed lost. Let us honor the memory of all our forefathers who, through sacrifice, commitment and vision, have built a homeland for all its citizens, a responsible contributor to balance and peace in the region. (…) We celebrate National Day at a time marked by worries and suffering. The COVID-19 pandemic is still the painful reality of today. This virus has plucked out grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children and friends from the midst of their families. Full of compassion, my thoughts turn to the weeping families of those who have lost the battle with the disease. I send a message of encouragement to the suffering, to the sick in hospitals, wishing them a speedy and full recovery,” Iohannis said at the reception offered at the Cotroceni Palace on the occasion of Romania National Day.

He also called for COVID-19 vaccination, arguing that this is the only way “to get us back to normal.”

“Now, more than ever, we must regain the strength of unity, not give in to despair, and have the wisdom to choose to protect our health. We must do everything in our power to prevent another wave as aggressive as the one that devastated our nation this fall. The only way to end the pandemic is for as many people as possible to get the vaccine. There is no other way, dear Romanians, than vaccination, for us to regain our normalcy,” Iohannis added.

The head of the state had a special message of respect and gratitude for the medical workers engaged in the fight against the pandemic.

“Through extraordinary efforts, you, physicians and paramedics, nurses, nursing aides and ambulance workers, volunteers, not only do you put yourselves at the service of others, but you give us all confidence in the strength of our society! From now on the day of our Great Union is linked to the example of our medical workers’ dedication to their fellow humans,” said the President.

156 people participated on Wednesday in the reception offered by President Klaus Iohannis at the Cotroceni Palace on the occasion of the National Day, an event scaled down due to COVID restrictions.


It’s time for measurable results and far too long delayed reforms


Klaus Iohannis also said on Wednesday that Romania’s government formula is “atypical” and stressed that the political class has the responsibility and the obligation to regain the citizens’ trust through actions and fulfilled promises.

“We need to be aware that the pandemic has triggered not only a deep health crisis, but also a crisis of confidence, as the waves of fake news and disinformation further strained the social climate, many a time even endangering human lives and dignity. Faced with these toxic currents, we must react. At the same time, the events of the last few months have deepened the feeling of distrust in the political class, which is why the political class as a whole has not only the responsibility, but also the obligation to regain the citizens’ trust through actions and fulfilled promises and not through declarations of intent, which can no longer convince. It’s time for measurable results and reforms that have been delayed far too long. Today we have an atypical solution for the country’s government, for getting Romania out of an unprecedented hardship. But this solution represents at the same time an opportunity for politicians to prove that they have the maturity to put the interest of Romanians in the first place, even at the price of difficult personal and doctrinal compromises,” said the head of the state at the reception offered at the Cotroceni Palace on the occasion of Romania National Day.

Iohannis stressed that consensus is needed not only at a declarative level, but also through concrete actions so that there is progress and prosperity for people.

“We must never forget that our fundamental objective is to ensure Romania’s democratic and European future, the stability and proper functioning of the state. Only with political will will we be able to build consensus, not only declaratively, but also through concrete actions capable of generating progress and prosperity for the people. I am optimistic that things will work out and that the results will not be long in coming,” said Klaus Iohannis.

He also stressed that the COVID-19 pandemic will end at some point and Romania will have to be prepared by then to recover the still very large gaps that separate it from Western European countries.

“A strong, healthy and sustainable society is built through joint efforts, through work and sacrifice, by putting the public agenda at the forefront. It is important that we all learn from the lessons of the past so that we can better guide our present actions. Let us be aware that together, united on the same side of the barricade, we will be able to overcome these crises and regain the balance in our society,” the President added.

Klaus Iohannis also stressed the importance of solidarity.

“Today, as we celebrate 103 years since the Greater Union, the lesson of solidarity is more vivid and present than ever. History has shown us countless times that if we stay united we can adjust to any realities and tendencies and that it depends on our will, as a nation, to successfully overcome all challenges. Like in so many other defining moments of our past, today we still have the necessary resources, the right tools and the will to succeed, therefore I urge you to look to the future with hope! To all Romanians, wherever you are today, I wish you ‘Many happy returns!’ and good health! Many happy returns, Romania!,” concluded President Iohannis, according to Agerpres.


Photo: www.presidency.ro

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